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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hoppy Leap Day!


You know I love a theme.  Leap Day is a ray of light in an otherwise theme-less week.  I brought a new class pet to school today, 2 frogs.  So fun.

The goings on of Sofie…

Girlfriend is wearing undies.  We came back from vacation and I decided it was time to push her to the next level, and start encouraging her to be more “one with her age”.  Honestly, I wasn’t going to do it before vacation, so I knew for a while it would be after we got back.  It’s time.  She’s looking taller and older and more pre-schoolish.  I should mention that she has been using the potty at school for weeks now with almost no going in her pull up.  Problem is she doesn’t poop until she gets home.  I figured this would be a hurdle, but the first day(Sunday) she went, we cheered, and I thought we leaped that with no issue!  The last 2 days, she’s had one accident a day at school.  Both times she was in the bathroom waiting for the potty and went in her pants.  Last night she went twice in her underwear at home.  I don’t call these accidents for a reason.  Both times I had either just asked her, or just been in the bathroom with her and she wouldn’t go.  I sense a little resistance to the whole thing.  Not sure what’s up with that.  I think it’s a poop issue.  She went in the bathtub Monday night and in her pants last night.  I’m not turning back now though, so we’ll have to figure it out.  I will now go wash my mouth fingers with soap because of all that potty talk. 

Besides peeing all over the house, she may have developed another bad habit.  She loves to sit at her table and eat her snack with her iPod and headphones!  Who can blame her?  After a tough day at day care who doesn’t want to chill out with a little video time?

P2282013    P2282018

On a positive note…she’s been eating her dinner.  Like meat and vegetables people!!!  Last night she asked for thirds!  I cracked down on snacks, and toughened up at dinner, and wouldn’t you know it worked.  I wish this parenting thing wasn’t so tough because it really gets results:)

Tuesdays…Lord have mercy…Tuesdays.  Every kid has to be picked up from school, every kid starts an activity at the same time, and every kid has to be picked up after their activity.  It’s a crazy frenzy of packing bags, food, and getting in and out of the car.  It’s all made worth it though because once we get to dance we have about 15 minutes where I get to watch Adrienne in her element.  She and Sof both have classes that start at 4:30.  Before that Adrienne hangs out with her friends, stretches, runs dances, and shows off Sof.  All the big girl dancers LOVE Sof!  It’s so cute, and I love having a sneak peek into the world that my oldest lives in most of the time! 

P2282021   P2282023



Today we had a weird snow/ice/rain storm.  Adrienne and I had school, but Lexi was off because of a power outage.  She’s been studying fractions in math so I figured I should do a lesson this afternoon.  We baked brownies and she did all the measuring.  The things I do for my kids…it was all about the educational value, nothing to do with chocolate. 


We have an abundance of March birthdays we will be celebrating this weekend.  Get out the party hats!

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