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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine’s Day, The Last First

Yesterday we had Sof’s one year post placement visit from our social worker Joan.  I can’t believe it’s been a year!  Sof was charming and adorable and we were happy to show her off.  With the exception of me having to admit I haven’t potty trained because I ‘m waiting until after vacation, everything went a-okay!


After Joan left I put Sof down for a late nap.  She woke up cranky and feverish, we went to the doc, he said it was a virus, and we’re home today.  I was sad to miss Valentine pizza lunch with my class, but having my littlest lovie home with me makes for a great Valentines Day!

So, being that we’re coming on a year of having Sof home, it means that Valentine’s Day is the last of the firsts.  The next “holiday” will be the second St. Patrick’s day we’ve had her in our arms.  No more, “Can you believe she wasn’t with us last year?” comments.  So without further ado…Valentine’s party with the cousins:)

When I get a theme going, watch out.  I can’t help myself.  So, of course, I had to make heart shaped muffins for breakfast. 


My girls have caught the bug too.  While I was at the gym and grocery store they cleaned, did hair and make-up, and set things up.  Adrienne was so good about helping get the little ones ready.  They used every red or pink clothing item, make-up, or hair thing they could find. 

 P2121753     P2121757



There are 2 rules to our party.  1-You must wear red or pink. 2-You must write Valentines.  Otherwise you just have to give love or be loveable.  No problems there…

            P2121775     P2121776


After 10 months this girl decided she wanted to explore her world.  Luckily she’s got plenty of people to chase her.

P2121782  P2121784

First up, bracelets!  Every big event needs an opening act, and this was it.

  P2121781  P2121789

P2121787  P2121788

P2121790  P2121794


We do gifts too, because going overboard is just fun.  Plus, let’s be honest, gifts definitely increase kid enthusiasm. 

P2121813   P2121816

P2121819  P2121828

        P2121826             P2121827

The main event is Valentine writing.  Everyone must do it!  Yes, even the boys.  It’s important for kids to receive and express love.  Sometimes it feels weird and awkward, even for the adults. 

P2121802  P2121803

P2121809  P2121811

But you know what?  When it comes time to read them there is a hush that comes over the room while everyone steals away to their own little corner to read the words that another person has written just for them.  Then there is laughter, because some of them are funny.  There are oohs and ahhs because this year Livy and Kaitlyn can really write.  And you can see eyes peeking over to watch another open their Valentine to see the reaction.  Kaitlyn said, “Nenni’s is my best Valentine!”.  Love that peanut.  I had some favorites too.  Like Livy’s that said, “Dear Nenni, I love you.  I love the party you planned.”.  Too sweet.  Mark was an overachiever and wrote me 2.  One said, “Roses are red, you are my wife, I’m glad that I’ve got you for the rest of my life”.  I can hear you awww-ing, but it was counteracted by the other one that said, “Roses are red, you are my bride, I‘m sure glad that your a** isn’t wide”.  He’s quite the poet.  Lexi would call that “inappropriate”:)  Nevertheless, reading Valentine’s is for sure everyone’s favorite part!

P2121842  P2121851

P2121843  P2121854


Em and I are bad, we already have a list of things for next year to keep stepping it up.  I know I’ve done something right, because when Adrienne came home from school(decked out in all pink), she said, “No one had any Valentine spirit!”.  She was appalled as she should be!  Hope you gave and received some love this year.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. Awe, what a fun Valentine's party! Love Sof's dress in the first picture - adorable!

    One year ago we were all getting ready for court & gotcha day! Wow! Where has the time gone?