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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Don’t Call It Comeback, We’ve Been Here For Years

Woohoo!  We’re back in our groove.  We had a “Whoever’s Around” get together Friday.  It just starts the weekend out right.  Sof has been asking every day, “Livy Kaitlyn morrow?”.  She was oh so happy to see them.  You’d think we hadn’t seen each other for years the way we carried on!   

P2031473  P2031480

Baby, meet Baby.  Hi Baby, nice to meet you!

          P2031484       P2031486

A math problem:  If you have one bottle of wine, and two glasses, how much does each person drink?  A:  Can’t remember but all three were empty by the end.



We cooked.  Kinda, Jell-O, not sure that really qualifies as “cooking”.  It’s a good lesson in matter though, and watching those tiny red crystals swirl around and dissolve is just cool. 

P2041497  P2041500

P2041508  P2041510

We went on a little adventure to find the perfect stick for a project later on in the week.  A Valentine project to be exact.  I’m gettin’ all crazy about love and hearts and red.  I love this holiday dedicated to love.  Warning: Future posts may have you wanting to vomit candy hearts.

          P2041515           P2041517

           P2041519         P2041524

      P2041525  P2041533

Scratches followed us everywhere we went because her and Sof are buds now.  Although Sof has officially changed the poor cat’s name to “Baby Scratchy”.  How degrading.

P2051543    P2051544

Oh yeah, and Baby Scratchy is learning to hoola hoop.  She loves it.


It was so nice out today the spring fever was a ragin’!  The sun combined with the fact that I had my carpet cleaned last week brought me back to “awwww, grab the camera”.

          P2051550         P2051551

           P2051552        P2051553


Super bowl brought more opportunity to see friends.  I almost texted someone to find out if there was a color scheme I should be wearing.  That’s how much we follow sports at our house.  I was looking forward to seeing Madonna.  Not impressed.  If she wasn’t wearing those amazing boots that had her slipping all over, she could have hit her dance moves. 


Look at this homemade play board.  Papa Harv put it together.  Genius!  Don’t tell him though, it’ll go to his head.

     P2051559   P2051562

There were grown ups there too!

P2051561  P2051558

We were at Ellen and Andy’s house.  All the baby sister’s are grown up and hosting parties now.  When did Ellen become a grown up wife and mom?  She was 15 when Mark and I married!!


Great party Ellen, so proud of you.  You rock the mom thing:)


We’re back, and it’s gonna be this way for awhile.  This week is packed and we’re ready!  Parties, dance shows, family coming, and some Valentine crazy.  Oh oh, sometimes, I get a good feelin’ yeah…

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  1. luv sofs hair in the pig tails with the flower. she looks so big now! Well your a mom of girls of course you don't know who was in the Super Bowl!