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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rocky Mountain High, Colorado

Vacation.  So great.  Cheers, we’re off! 


The anticipation is almost unbearable.  You could burst!


I love vacation, I just hate travel.  Ugh.  The bags, the delays, the rude Delta workers behind the counter.  We booked our seats when we booked our tickets.  The flight changed 4 times since then, and each time we called and rebooked our seats together.  When we arrived at the counter they still had us all separated.  The best they could do was give us 2, 2 and 1 separated.  Now, I know Adrienne could have sat by herself, but it’s the principal of it.  Mark tried to fix it calmly, and then I went nuts.  I told them I was going to sit my 3 year old in the separate seat.  Last words spoken, “Mam, if you don’t calm down you aren’t getting on the plane”.  End result we ended up with 3 and 2.  I give, good enough. 

Sof on plane to Colorado     

Here’s what I remembered on the plane…It’s always sunny above the clouds.  The trick is remembering to not only stay above the clouds, but not be a cloud.  That’s the point of vacation.  To reconnect with the sunny parts of life.

We started off at Anne and Rick’s daughter Joni’s house.  It was an oasis after a long day of travel.  So fun to meet her crowd. 

P2181875   P2181888


This morning we packed the car and headed of to Steamboat for our week of skiing.  It was a little dicey getting everything in, but where there’s a will there’s a way!

P2191891   P2191892

We set off on the most beautiful drive, to arrive at a 4 bedroom condo in the mountains.  The snow started falling as soon as we got here, and it’s just as good as a movie set.


The view from our balcony…


P2191910   P2191909

Tomorrow Mark, Joni, Rick, and the girls are skiing.  On Tuesday I’m taking lessons.  The last time I went skiing was 20 years ago, so wish me luck!  Couldn’t be more excited about our week! 

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