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Thursday, February 9, 2012

What I Love About This Week

Starbucks Valentines cup

This cup.  I love this love cup.  So cute.

We did our Valentine craft-the one we found the stick for.  It started with decorating Shrinky Dink hearts.  Mark asked if he could do one and Lexi said, “You can’t write anything inappropriate Daddy”.  So he didn’t do one.  Way to go Lexi anticipating a problem and stating the rules ahead of time.  She’ll make a great mom.

P2071568      P2071570

Then I strung ‘em and hung ‘em. 


The little girls got up first thing in the morning and went looking for their hearts.

P2081573  P2081574

My motivation for getting this done?  I had a 31 party.  If you haven’t heard of 31 checkout their website.  Cute bags and purses in all styles, sizes and fabrics.  I should never have opened this door because I’m addicted now!  Love them!!

P2081578           P2081580     P2081577

           P2081586     P2081575

I love way Sof looks and feels and smells in the morning.  Still such a baby, especially in her diaper and one piece jammies.

           Sof in morning 2 Feb 2012     Sof in morning Feb 2012

Our weather has been cold, but dry and sunny.  I find myself drawn to get outside.  If not to run, to play or walk.  Hubby and I bundled up Sof and headed out to our favorite trail tonight.  It’s like Fall without the leaves and 20 degrees colder.  I guess it’s not like Fall at all.  It has it’s own charm though:)

P2091589  P2091593

P2091594  P2091595

  P2091596  P2091598

Hope you’re finding things to love about your week.  Happy Friday!

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