"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Monday, September 26, 2016


On Friday night we went to the football game.  My neighbor, who has triplet girls in second grade, joined us.  She is in that space of life where she is far removed from highschoolers.  She certainly isn’t one, and she’s far away from having one.  She looked around and said, “Where are all the awkward kids?”  I agree with her, kids are just better looking these days.  Maybe it’s all the social media showing them how to pose, do make up, what to wear, and such.  Maybe it’s the affordable and accessible eye brow threading.  I dunno.  What I can say is I was a very aesthetics conscious teenager.  I tried.  But I NEVER looked like these girls!  And for the record, neither did ANYONE in my high school! 


To all my former classmates,

I MADE THAT!  Yes, it’s confusing.  I don’t know how.  I was awkward AND bad at science, okay?  But I know I grew these girls in my womb and so BAM!  Take that bitches!


Still Kinda Awkward and Not Very Mature

Let’s talk about this girl though.


I mean.  What even the heck.  She looked beautiful.  My sweet Lexi Lou who turned down a date because he didn’t put enough effort forth.  “I didn’t want a date anyway, but if he had at least made a poster I would have felt bad and said yes.  But please, he didn’t even try.”  You go girl.  Make ‘em work for you.   


I love her friends.  All such sweet, smart, good girls.  They all looked so pretty.


Mark and I had to divide and conquer.  Lexi’s group went out to dinner, so Mark went with them and the other parents.  I went with Adrienne’s group to do dinner and pics with them.  It should come as no surprise when I tell you my husband took not one picture the whole evening.  I can’t even.


Adrienne’s group was not surprisingly beautiful as well.  They took a different look than the sweet freshman.  I think they were going for a more trampy sophisticated feel.


Adrienne went with a date, and can I say he’s a fine looking young man? 



Here’s the important part.  He’s a nice young man.  He’s a gentleman.  And he didn’t get that way by accident.  His parents did that work!  They didn’t leave anything to chance.  His mom talked to him about the proper way to take care of my girl.  What a concept!! 



Another cool thing kids do these days…


They pick a location to meet and take pictures with their class.  These are all seniors. 




So that’s a wrap for my senior.  I’m really nothing but excited for every adventure her future holds, but also thankful for the memories she’s making now.


Thursday, September 8, 2016

First Day of School

I sent two kids to high school this year.  One for her first day and one for her last first day.  What even the heck. 


Adrienne was pretty giddy about it.  (Until she came home with a crapload of homework)



Lexi was pretty cool about it.  She got to ride with Adrienne and she’s been in the school all summer for cheer so there was some comfort in that.  I’m actually really excited for Lex.  I think it’s going to be a great year.  For the record I said those shorts were too short for school.  Adrienne said it didn’t matter on the first day.  Lexi decided to take her chances.  She got a warning.  Mom was right(always).  


And then there was one.


My sweet baby girl!!  I tried to keep calm, but second grade??  It’s like kinda big!!


She was ready early and super excited.  She informed me she doesn’t need me to walk her to the bus stop anymore.  This will not be a thing.  I love my bus stop mama friends! 


Do all neighborhoods have this many crazy paparazzi parents?  It might have been me that yelled “get together kids and don’t even roll your eyes you too cool for school boys”. 



Girl posse.


Colin is like the bus stop mascot!


And then they were off!  Sof’s teacher is awesome and posts lots of pictures for us parents.  She speaks my love language.


Everyone was happy at days end.  The big girls came home with homework, but are happy with their classes.  Sof of course thinks second grade is the coolest.  Even I came home happy.  My class seems pretty good, although compared to last year there was no where to go but up.

Our first day of school was 95 degrees.  We debriefed, had some dinner, and went to the pool.  For an hour it seemed like we were back in our summer routine.     


Until this hot weather leaves us, we will be existing in both worlds.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

There’s nothing that gets me more motivated for family time than knowing school is starting.  Any unfulfilled fantasies of summer days spent all together get realized on Labor day weekend.  The big girls love it.  Not really, but if they have to spend an evening appeasing their mother, at least it’s at the ropes course.

Mark looks confused. 

IMG_8329IMG_8330  Em and Steve even joined us.  It was a four alarm family ropes course event! 


Even Natty could climb this year.  I could not have been more proud of her!  It took both Em and I(one in front and one in back) to get her through the course.  It was hard and scary for her.  BUT SHE DID IT!  And my heart exploded for this littlest of our crew. 


I mean…come on…Red heartRed heartRed heart


Livy, Lexi and Adrienne stuck together on the harder runs.


Kaitlyn wasn’t tall enough to join them, so she stayed with Mark and Sof.  Sof was a pro!  Having done it just a few weeks ago, she was very confident!


Kaitlyn has always been Mark’s little buddy, so it was actually perfect that they ended up together!

It was a super fun night.  It is by far my favorite family activity.  Everyone can do it, and it’s a good challenge!

Grandma Jackie did so well traveling in June that she came again for a day!  It has done wonders for her confidence, just knowing that she can get to our houses.  We actually used the day as a little celebration for Mark and my birthdays.  Better late than never!




Lexi made the dessert and scrounged up some candles.  Amazingly we had a 4 and a 6 for Mark, but alas, we didn’t have candles for my age.  Lexi solved that by saying I’m number one anyway.  Smart girl.



When grandma Jackie leaves you know it.  There’s whole line of hugs and kisses. 



There are some “have to’s” on this weekend.  I needed to make some playdoh for my class, so we made a set for Sof’s class too.


We had to do a big grocery store and Target run.


There was also time for some chillin’ too though.  New paints and canvases get all my kiddos excited.



Skyping with our littlest Sri Lankan loves was a highlight.  Nadasha read for us from a book I sent for them.  Jesi has been using the materials I sent to work with the little girls every day.  It makes me so happy.


All of that was fantastic, but there was no way could end the weekend without a pool trip.  After all, it is the farewell to summer right?


Ugh, I’m gonna miss this.