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Friday, September 2, 2016

August (AKA no, no, no, oh God NOOOOOO, not ready, aughhhh, STOP ARGUING, maybe, not yet though, STOP ASKING ME TO BUY YOU THINGS AND TAKE YOU PLACES, okay yes, yes it’s time)

Before we tail-spinned into the panic of dwindling summer days, we were still casually enjoying them.  I have learned this summer that I enjoy evening water activities.  The crowd and the heat of the day does not appeal to me.  This summer has been very hot though, so the evenings are perfect for water fun!  We had an awesome evening at the waterpark with Em and the girls.



We also had a beautiful night on the boat.  Em’s girls were staying with us for the day, so when Mark got home from work we grabbed sandwiches and hit the lake.  Nothing like watching the sunset from a tube!


Sof and I did venture to the pool early(well not that early, but early for pool hours) and found it equally delightful.  We had the whole place to ourselves! 


Sof went to her first concert!  We had a group of 20(lest you think I’m antisocial based on my pool preferences).  We went to dinner and to see Kidz Bop.  Sof was really excited!


Dinner with 12 seven year olds is crazy. 


The girls were even crazier when we got there!


Once we got settled in our seats, Sof got a little overwhelmed.  She insisted on sitting with me and took awhile to take it all in.  There were a few songs she really liked, and she got up the nerve to stand up and dance.  Overall, I wasn’t super impressed with the concert itself and we both left feeling a little indifferent.


Mark and John have been wanting to do a family sailing night all summer.  Honestly, the sailboat thing is not really my jam.  But it was a beautiful night, and we really love spending time with them.


Lexi has been loving her Foodstirs subscription.  When I got it for her for Christmas I told her it was for 6 months.  When the 6 months came up I chose not to cancel it because we have so much fun with it!  The August kit was adorable!  Cupcakes topped with marshmallows to look like popcorn!   


The September kit got made before September even started!  Yuuuummmm….


Lexi is always good about including Sof in her baking.  She’s such a great sister.


Consequently, Sof has developed an interest in baking.  I was feeling particularly generous one morning(a day before the cleaning lady was coming anyway) and let her make muffins all by herself!

IMG_7868Sof’s cheer team had a teambuilding event at the Adventure Park.  The girls had so much fun!  They started together, the big girls helping the little girls, and then they spilt off for a bit.  Sof did not want to stop!!  They had a pizza dinner after and talked about some of the things coming up this season.  It was a super event!  


Sof and Allie had a good week or so where their schedules seemed to be opposite and they just couldn’t connect!  One morning I texted Jill and asked when Allie would be home so I could plan our day around that!  The girls were super excited and couldn’t wait to connect that day!  All of the sudden Sof said she had a headache.  I gave her some Tylenol and had her lay down.  She ended sleeping for 3 hours and I had to send Jill the following picture to show her why Sof could no longer play!  When she woke up she was just fine, and they played that night.  Go figure!


This brings us to a little more than half way through the month.  There’s a very clear shift that happens around this time.  Before I totally get my head into school, I tend to get motivated to finish a few projects around the house.  In June we sent our little Pottery Barn kitchen out to DC with Anne and Rick.  We knew we were done with it and Sof was super excited to give it to Paige.  It left an empty corner in Sof’s room though.  I told her back then we would make a writing/crafting corner.  Well, I finally got to it, and she loves it!  She calls it her office:)  


We started school shopping.  Just seeing all the fall colors made me a tad bit excited for cooler temps and less time with my kids.  #gotoschool


Rant alert!!  Or little girl shoe PSA.  Whatever you want to call it.  Here’s how girl’s shoes work.  Toddler shoes go up to a size 12.  A 12 is not that big.  Many children reach that shoe size as a Kindergartener.  After that you must move up to the girls section.  I’m lucky Sof has small feet and is just now moving into a 13.  Now this sounds perfectly reasonable, until you see the girl’s section options. The girl’s section goes up to a 5(sometimes 6), which is equivalent to a women’s 7.  I am not interested in my kid wearing the same style shoes in early elementary that a middle schooler is wearing(and vice versa).  I am spending an entire paragraph on this because IT IS IMPORTANT!  We need our little girls in Mary Janes people!!  LONG LIVE MARY JANES(and knee socks)!  I had to special order Sof’s size from another store, and I had an unreasonable amount of joy when they showed up at our house.  We got black and navy, and I am mourning the fact that they did not carry them in red.  Seriously people.  RED MARY JANES ARE LIKE AIR!  YOU NEED THEM!!  I’m done.  (An aside: The navy and black are so close in color that chances are high she will go to school wearing one of each at some point.) 


We got back to school haircuts.  We were early for our appointment, so we HAD to get froyo.  Before…




Sof went to a bday party for her friend Victoria.  It was at the best place ever, Turtle Creek Farm.


If we weren’t already feeling the fall bug, the first home football game solidified it!  It’s a little odd, I have a senior and yet we’ve never been to a football game.  This is our first experience with school sports and we’re excited about the change.  I love seeing my cheerleader and my pom girl on the same field together! 




These last two weeks have been odd.  We bounce between school registration, football game, setting up my classroom, and then panicked end of season pool trips.


These are the faces I got when they were ready leave, but I wasn’t!


Then all of the sudden someone performed a random act of kindness and brought all the kids at the pool Slurpees!  It really perked everyone up! 


Another one of our evening swims with the pool to ourselves!


The last two days of the month were back to school events.  Lexi had a Freshman orientation that Adrienne worked at.

IMG_8322  Sof had a meet and greet at her school!  Her teacher’s name is Mrs. Giles, and Allie is in her class!  I’m so thankful that Sofia loves school and looks forward to going!


We are really looking forward to the long weekend, but we will be ready when Tuesday comes.  Because yes, it’s time:)

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