"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rock and Roll Forever

Musical theater camp came to a close today.  The girls started on Monday with no idea what the show on Friday would be. 


They were given folders full of songs and lines they would need to learn before the big day.  In 4 days they were to know choreography, songs, singing and speaking solos. 


They took time out of practice to have pictures done.  Just in case this catapults anyone into stardom, and they need a resume and head shot real quick.  I had to snap a few shots of my own because my middle girl looked so beautiful.


Sof took on a mantra during the week.  “My dance big stage on Friday”.  It was constant, like in a Rainman kinda way.  Always watch People’s Court on Tuesday, 4:00. 

P6294477Finally it was the day.  “Rock and Roll Forever” on the big stage.  The 3 big girls had singing and speaking parts, and Sof did plenty of shakin’ her groove thang.


P6294485  P6294487



The show was a super success.  So proud of all my rockstars!

Once the kid’s show was done we had about an hour to kill, and then we were able to go back and watch Adrienne’s dress rehearsal.  Mark took Lexi and Sof home to get ready for a trip to the cottage and nap.  I went for an ice cream with the grandparents, Em and the girls.  Natty Bug loves her some ice cream.  She also loves anything or any place she’s not supposed to be.  Like the parking lot.



“What’s your problem?  I’m not in the parking lot.  I’m just standing on the edge of the parking lot admiring this yellow pole.”


As soon as you look away I’m bolting to that parking lot.


Sweet feet don’t fail me now!

We finished off the day with a great show from Adrienne’s group.  The stage was already rented for the musical theater group so they took advantage of an audience.  They leave next week for Nationals and Disney, and they sure look ready to me! 



Now we’re off the cottage for another weekend on the water.  Happy Weekend:)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lessons for Growing Up

We went to a graduation party this weekend.  I met Barb when Melissa was going into to kindergarten.  At the time she seemed so much farther along in her parenting journey.  After all, I just a had one little baby.  She had two kids and one was going to school!  As the years went by and our friendship grew Melissa started to babysit for me, she got her driver’s license, and now, here we are, 12 years later celebrating that kindergartener that now is heading out to forge her own path in the world.  All this left me pondering how this…      


Becomes this…


Becomes this…


And before you know it you have one of these…


A graduate.  The funny thing is I couldn’t help but think how young she still is.  I kept thinking of how structured our children’s lives are up to this point.  There is no contemplation as to what comes next.  After first grade comes second, and third and fourth and so on.  Even in twelfth grade they are being reminded to pick up their clothes, call their coach, remember their lunch, and do their homework.  Then all of the sudden in between “Get your dirty socks off my floor!” and “You left the gas tank empty?” you slide in a casual “Oh, by the way, what are you going to do for the rest of your life?”   The scary part is that by the time you ask that question it’s really too late to do any teaching on the subject.  It has to be woven into every minute, every activity, and every mishap throughout their life.  Even scarier is that you, as the parent, are responsible for doing this.  You are an artist sculpting a blob of cells into a productive, caring, responsible member of society.  


Everyday is an opportunity to prepare your children for the future.  Some lessons are simple, like only touch the food you are going to take.  Some are bigger.  Like it’s okay to feel shy and assess a situation from the safety of those you trust, but eventually you need to trust yourself.  P6234393 


P6234396  P6234399

Dad’s are embarrassing, but you love them anyway.

   P6234406  P6234407


Siblings are annoying until you get old enough to unite on one topic-your parents are more annoying.


Most importantly, friends are like elevators, they can bring you up or take you down.  Pick them wisely and they may be a part of your life forever.  More often though, they come and go. 

P6234430  By the way…you are young and cute and perky.  I was you once.  I said I wouldn’t be me.  Now I am me, and you will be me too.  I promise, you will.  That’s what 20 years does to you.  The lesson?  Work on the inside because pretty soon your bathing suit will have more coverage than those shorts.

Your family(and those people who are around for so much and so long that you forget they’re not family) will be there forever. 

P6234426  P6234415 


Sometimes there are disappointments.  Like you can’t swing forever.  Eventually you have to get off.


Right on the heels of all this contemplation I had the opportunity to teach the right lesson.  It was Sunday, the one day off of all our dance and gymnastics craziness.  My house begged me to give it some attention.  Those outfits in the back of the closet got worn and jammies got reused out of the dirty clothes because frankly that’s where every piece of current clothing was.  The opportunity to meet my sis at the beach told my house to shut up and get to the back of the line though.  Laundry does not walk away on it’s own, it will always be there.  If your house isn’t in order that’s all the more reason to run from it.  I want my kids to know how to prioritize and put people first and stuff after.  That’s not to say I want them to ignore their responsibilities.  It’s a funny thing though, after a day of relaxing and enjoying each others company it’s so much easier to get everyone to pitch in and help with the have to’s.  Lo and behold, they don’t really take that long anyway.

  P6244435    P6244446 



P6244456  P6244462


The laundry is still waiting, but I squeezed in 2 loads of essentials.  I’ll get to it eventually.  It’s just not high in the priorities right now:)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Subtle Signs of Summer

So far our summer has been, well, busy.  Unfortunately, not in a summer kinda way though.  Adrienne is preparing for her trip to Orlando with her dance group, so she has had rehearsals everyday.  The two days she didn’t rehearse we had to use for shopping to get things she needs for her trip. 


I certainly didn’t mind the shopping days, especially since we got out without the other 2!  It doesn’t really feel like summer yet though.  We haven’t had any all day outings to waterparks or beaches, and most days have been spent going back and forth in the car dopping and picking up from dance, gymnastics, and Sof’s school(she’s going twice a week this summer).  So, I’ve had to look for more subtle signs that it’s indeed summer, and we do have more freedom than usual.

Nothing says summer like braids and a sundress…

   P6184319  P6184321

An afternoon movie fit perfectly into the schedule on a 95 degree day.  Lexi and Jack were wearing these glasses around, which meant Sof had to have some too.  Sof has decided to keep the look and continues to wear them!

  P6204326  P6204327

Evenings are when I notice the biggest difference.  No lunches to make, no homework, more daylight, and no bedtimes.  This means we can enjoy an evening at a friend’s house catching up.  Alison’s brother and lady friend are in from England.  We only get to see them every few years, but we’ve known them since before we had kids!  It was great to see them again.

P6204334  P6204336

P6204330  P6204333


Washing dishes turned into a bubble fight!




It was a weekday evening turned weekend.  Makes me remember how lucky I am to have my sister and her family close.  A couple weeks a year with siblings isn’t enough!

P6204347  P6204348


We’ve also had quieter evenings in the yard.  The hose and some buckets on a scorching evening provides great entertainment!


Cookie picnics are always a hit.



 P6224360  P6224354

   P6224361  P6224368


My, what big eyes you have!  The better to see your cookie my dear!

Next week is musical theater camp for the little girls(and the cousins, yay!), and Adrienne has rehearsals everyday.  My basic schedule next week goes like this:

9-drop off Lexi and Sof, 11-drop off Adrienne, 12-pick up Sof, 3-pick up Lexi, 4-bring Adrienne dinner, 8:30-pick Adrienne up.

On Tuesday and Thursday you can add Lexi’s gymnastics from 5-8.  The show on Friday will be worth it all though!  They put on a full musical performance after just a week of practice.  To top it off Adrienne’s group will be performing their dances for more practice in front of an audience.  I can’t wait!  Love to see my kids perform!  One more week of this extracurricular craziness and Adrienne will be off to Orlando and the little girls and I to the cottage.  Looking forward to some more typical summer fun!