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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Subtle Signs of Summer

So far our summer has been, well, busy.  Unfortunately, not in a summer kinda way though.  Adrienne is preparing for her trip to Orlando with her dance group, so she has had rehearsals everyday.  The two days she didn’t rehearse we had to use for shopping to get things she needs for her trip. 


I certainly didn’t mind the shopping days, especially since we got out without the other 2!  It doesn’t really feel like summer yet though.  We haven’t had any all day outings to waterparks or beaches, and most days have been spent going back and forth in the car dopping and picking up from dance, gymnastics, and Sof’s school(she’s going twice a week this summer).  So, I’ve had to look for more subtle signs that it’s indeed summer, and we do have more freedom than usual.

Nothing says summer like braids and a sundress…

   P6184319  P6184321

An afternoon movie fit perfectly into the schedule on a 95 degree day.  Lexi and Jack were wearing these glasses around, which meant Sof had to have some too.  Sof has decided to keep the look and continues to wear them!

  P6204326  P6204327

Evenings are when I notice the biggest difference.  No lunches to make, no homework, more daylight, and no bedtimes.  This means we can enjoy an evening at a friend’s house catching up.  Alison’s brother and lady friend are in from England.  We only get to see them every few years, but we’ve known them since before we had kids!  It was great to see them again.

P6204334  P6204336

P6204330  P6204333


Washing dishes turned into a bubble fight!




It was a weekday evening turned weekend.  Makes me remember how lucky I am to have my sister and her family close.  A couple weeks a year with siblings isn’t enough!

P6204347  P6204348


We’ve also had quieter evenings in the yard.  The hose and some buckets on a scorching evening provides great entertainment!


Cookie picnics are always a hit.



 P6224360  P6224354

   P6224361  P6224368


My, what big eyes you have!  The better to see your cookie my dear!

Next week is musical theater camp for the little girls(and the cousins, yay!), and Adrienne has rehearsals everyday.  My basic schedule next week goes like this:

9-drop off Lexi and Sof, 11-drop off Adrienne, 12-pick up Sof, 3-pick up Lexi, 4-bring Adrienne dinner, 8:30-pick Adrienne up.

On Tuesday and Thursday you can add Lexi’s gymnastics from 5-8.  The show on Friday will be worth it all though!  They put on a full musical performance after just a week of practice.  To top it off Adrienne’s group will be performing their dances for more practice in front of an audience.  I can’t wait!  Love to see my kids perform!  One more week of this extracurricular craziness and Adrienne will be off to Orlando and the little girls and I to the cottage.  Looking forward to some more typical summer fun!       

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