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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rock and Roll Forever

Musical theater camp came to a close today.  The girls started on Monday with no idea what the show on Friday would be. 


They were given folders full of songs and lines they would need to learn before the big day.  In 4 days they were to know choreography, songs, singing and speaking solos. 


They took time out of practice to have pictures done.  Just in case this catapults anyone into stardom, and they need a resume and head shot real quick.  I had to snap a few shots of my own because my middle girl looked so beautiful.


Sof took on a mantra during the week.  “My dance big stage on Friday”.  It was constant, like in a Rainman kinda way.  Always watch People’s Court on Tuesday, 4:00. 

P6294477Finally it was the day.  “Rock and Roll Forever” on the big stage.  The 3 big girls had singing and speaking parts, and Sof did plenty of shakin’ her groove thang.


P6294485  P6294487



The show was a super success.  So proud of all my rockstars!

Once the kid’s show was done we had about an hour to kill, and then we were able to go back and watch Adrienne’s dress rehearsal.  Mark took Lexi and Sof home to get ready for a trip to the cottage and nap.  I went for an ice cream with the grandparents, Em and the girls.  Natty Bug loves her some ice cream.  She also loves anything or any place she’s not supposed to be.  Like the parking lot.



“What’s your problem?  I’m not in the parking lot.  I’m just standing on the edge of the parking lot admiring this yellow pole.”


As soon as you look away I’m bolting to that parking lot.


Sweet feet don’t fail me now!

We finished off the day with a great show from Adrienne’s group.  The stage was already rented for the musical theater group so they took advantage of an audience.  They leave next week for Nationals and Disney, and they sure look ready to me! 



Now we’re off the cottage for another weekend on the water.  Happy Weekend:)

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