"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Friday, December 30, 2011

More Party?

Sof likes this whole holiday, off of school, do something new each day thing.  For the past couple days when I get her up in the morning this is how it goes…

Me: Good morning sweet girl!

Sof: More party mama?

  PC270967  PC270982

      PC270976  PC270996

Me:  No Sof, no party today.

Sof:  More presents mama?

     PC291004 PC291007

Me: No Sof, no more presents. 

A box of Band-Aids was her favorite gift.  I highly recommend it for all the 2-3 yr. olds in your life.  These baby’s cost $2.50 and you can make a little persons day!

Sof:  A show mama?

          PC270938      PC270942

Me:  No Sof, no show today.

Sof:  My sissies home?

    PC291008   PC291009

Me:  Yes!  Your sissies are home:)

We are off to the cottage for New Year celebrations.  That will satisfy her need for parties, being together with her family, and probably at least one dance show from the girlies!  I agree though, this couple weeks of just being home is the perfect way to wrap up the year.  

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Big Christmas Post

I’m so glad I didn’t do this yesterday.  It was sunny and dry, and the house was in shambles.  Today the house is clean and there is a light snow falling, making the mood better for reflection.  Christmas was, well, Christmas.  Full of moments of rushing, panic, unpreparedness, beauty, connection, wistfulness and magic.  Sof keeps saying, “More party mama?”.  Girlfriend loves a party.  I think mostly because that means there might be dishes of candy out.  We started out partying Thursday and haven’t really stopped.  When you’ve got this much time off it begs to be filled with get togethers. 

Our Thursday party to start us off was with our “friends who are family” the Johnsons.  This is a topic I haven’t blogged about because it just wasn’t time, but it’s unavoidable now.  My best friend married Mark’s best friend and we’ve walked through life together for 20 years now.  It was unique and special and a relationship to be cherished.  Unfortunately this fairy tale didn’t have a happy ending, and they are now getting divorced.  It’s been heartbreaking for them, for us, for our children and siblings who were so interconnected, and for the extended family.  It’s a wonder that we didn’t need flood insurance for the tears that have been cried in our house.  As with all tough things in life though, we have to accept it and move on to find a new normal.  What we all agree on is that we love these beautiful kids of ours and nothing will change that.  For them, we will continue to have our Christmas and other celebrations, even though we miss Aunt Stephanie.

PC220563PC220551    PC220560 

PC220554    PC220555

Look natural guys.  Very funny.


Emily(my sis), Ellen(Brian’s sis), Lee(Brian’s mom), Me

PC220572  This is as wrong as it looks!

     PC220575 PC220582 PC220584

     PC220585   PC220605    PC220587

This was the beginning of my eating, drinking, and general overindulgence.  I’ll let you know when I get to the end of it.  It doesn’t seem likely it will stop soon.  It still feels completely normal to have Pez for breakfast.


Christmas Eve we do open house style, stop by on your way to other parties, eat and drink as much as you’d like but leave by 6. 

    PC240647   PC240663

    PC240631  PC240661

PC240614  PC240618  PC240628

You:  Oh my, those are gorgeous girls.

Me:  Why thank you, yes they are, and talented, smart, and kind.  Even the uncooperative one on the right.

After 6 it’s the usual cast of characters(Mark’s Dad,Sal, and Don) for dinner, champagne, and gifts.


PC240624  PC240636

 PC240694   PC240672


Before, during, after…

PC240708  PC240709


Here’s to Christmas Eve 2011, cheers!


Christmas day is my family, at my sister’s house.  It’s official, my sister is a real hostess.  She’s had 2 of our parties so far, and one to come in a couple weeks.  I’ve always hosted everything, and I’m happy to hand some of it over to my little sis!  Hello party world, my sister has arrived:)


There’s lots of presents to be opened this day.  Everyone was VERY happy with their loot. 

   PC250836        PC250831

It was the year of hats.  These cuties came from Grandma Ree and Poppy in Connecticut.  LOVE them.  Seriously, so cute.

PC250908These came from Grandma Linda and Papa Curt.  The girls wear them like a hair accessory not a hat!  I think Lexi slept in hers!

   PC250846  PC250843


Sof was dying to try out her bubbles, cue the new hat!


PC250866  PC250868

The big gift this year?  iTouches.  Lexi, Livy, Kaitlyn, and…


Yup, Sof.  Girl knows how to work it better than I do. 

PC250879 PC250881

PC250895 PC250902

A running watch for me, and a photo book for Grandma Jackie.  Gotta give my mom a shout out.  She found the elusive crayon maker for Lexi, and bought Sof’s iTouch on Christmas Eve after I changed my mind.  Yes, she was one of those crazy women in the 80’s that trampled people to buy as many Cabbage Patch kids as she could get her hands on, then sold them to the neighbors. 

The middle girls were all so cute.  They used their gingerbread stationary to write cards to everyone.  I love that they were excited to see what each other had written, and took the time to read it together.

PC250894  PC250885

Livy especially took her time doing her cards.  This one is so cute, it says:

Grandma, I know I spelled Grandma wrong, and I know you can read it, so lets get to the good part. Merry Christmas!

The rest of the night was spent with everyone on their electronics:)  Kindles, touches, phones, and iPads, oh my!  Next year we may just Skype in Christmas.

PC250906  PC250922

Oh yeah, Sof got this dance outfit from Emmy.  When she puts it on it transforms her into a ballerina.  She LOVES it.  Like, wears it every night and has even slept in it loves it. 


Phew!  Christmas 2011, that’s a wrap.  Our fun is not over yet.  We have a whole week of vacation still to fill up.  Bring it on!