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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Random Christmas Preparation

If I was Mary I’d be pissed.  Dude, you impregnated me with the son of God and I have ride on a donkey and give birth in a stable?  It better have been low humidity so at least she had a good hair day.  Just sayin’. 

I like to be more prepared.  I like the ambience to match the event.  For last minute get togethers with friends it’s take out, TV, and not everything in it’s right place.  For Christmas it’s twinkly lights, candles, set table, and Christmas music.  Seems like each day we are doing something that moves us closer to that setting. 

Lexi and I have been crafting.  I’m not one of those people that looks at a book and sees a tree, but give me the idea and I can recreate it.  These sparkly little trees came from the current issue of Woman’s Day. 


No books were hurt in the making of this project.  Wait, yes they were.  Oh well, they weren’t particularly good books, but they make fantastic trees. 

This tree is an adaptation from an idea I saw on Centsational Girl.  I love it because it displays all the photo cards we get instead of having them in box. 


Speaking of cards, I had a couple helpers putting address labels on ours.  Well, one helper and one that thinks she’s a helper.


            PC100291      PC100290

That second look?  It says, “I know what I’m doing here and don’t even think about telling me I don’t or I’ll totally go orphan on you”. 

The amount of reading time in our house has increased also.  We have a box of Christmas books that sit on a shelf in the closet until December.  It will disappear again in January, which makes it a treasure for the 31 days it’s out.   


This week we are preparing for school parties, buying teacher gifts, and getting ready for our Gingerbread party on Sunday.  I get a little out of control when it comes to themes.  I’ve gone out of my head with gingerbread stuff.  Hubby said tonight, “You’ve made more Gingerbread stuff this month than most people will in a lifetime.”  Pretty sure he’s right.

PC100300No doubt we will be ready when Christmas Eve knocks at our door.  It comes in a fur coat with a bottle of champagne and a bag of gifts.  It will be greeted with heels and formal dresses, and vacuum lines on the carpet.  Gingerbread party for 10 kids?  Not so much.  Just candy EVERYWHERE!

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