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Sunday, December 4, 2011

One Weekend, One Mall, Three Visits

Yes, we visited the mall everyday this weekend.  We had a different purpose each time, and checked a few to-do's off the 'ol Christmas season list.  Friday first...my sister and I had a plan to visit Santa at this great little farm.  So cute, so quaint, and gives a great Santa experience.  Unfortunately, we found out they had been closed down by the city due to a zoning issue.  Don't even get me started on that one.  You know how many sweet memories have been made at that place?  They're closed for 8 months out of the year and the city waited till now to serve them papers.  Ignorant people.  So, we had go with plan B.  Well, we didn't have a plan B, but we made one:)  Yup, you guessed it, the mall!  There is good, bad, and ugly about the mall Santa.  The good is he’s the real deal, not just a helper Santa like some other places.  He talks to the kids in a kind, gentle voice, as if they’re the only ones in line.  Speaking of line, the waiting is good too.  There’s lots to see and feel, and a magical dome that snows inside.

   P1010158         P1010160

    P1010165     P1010176     P1010182      P1010181       

   P1010187   P1010200


The bad…You’re not allowed to take pictures with Santa.  If you want a picture you must buy their horribly overpriced cheesy pictures.  Honestly, they’re really bad!  I paid $40 last year for the CD, and I just tried to find it to show you how bad, but no dice.  Uh oh…hope hubby doesn’t read this:) 

The ugly…I don’t do rules very well.  I stepped to the side to snap some pictures while an elf yelled at me.  I continued to smile like I was deaf and got one useable pic.  Whatever dude, take your jingle bell hat and go back to the North Pole.  Confirmed, I’m getting coal.



Our Saturday trip to the mall was just Mark and I doing some Christmas shopping.  It wasn’t hubby’s idea of a great Saturday night out.  Too many people brings out the crabby in him.  In the end we got a few gifts which makes me feel like we at least got a start.  Like everything else in my life I’m a last minute shopper too!

Sunday’s trip had a focus.  It was Lexi, Sof and I.  It started like this…

P1010220P1010221P1010222And ended with this…

P1010223P1010224P1010225Girlfriend asks for earrings everyday.  She wasn’t too pleased with the process to get them, but beauty hurts.  She’s thrilled now!

Although we spent a lot of time at the mall this weekend, we had other highlights last week.  Mother Nature decorated for the holidays with the first snow.

P1010122P1010118    P1010119

Sof is loving the tree.  She likes to make Clara dance on the Nutcracker ornament.


I’m back to early morning work outs which means I bring donuts home on Friday mornings.  Makes for happy kids willing to get up for school without a fight.

           P1010143      P1010141

Walked through Sears on the way to see Santa.  My kids were too cute looking at their Christmas display!   

            P1010157     P1010156


What would a weekend be without some cousin hang out time?  We watched Christmas Vacation for the 10,000 time.  Laughed just as hard as the first.  The little girls only get to watch certain appropriate parts!



Yes, that is a sighting of the commonly found but rarely seen or photographed teenage girl we call our oldest daughter.  Poor thing had no better offers, so alas she was stuck with us.  Don’t feel too bad for her, she had a sleep over party the next night.  Phew!  Two days at home with the pesky little siblings is like social suicide. 

Christmas countdown…21 days left to make magic.  Have at it this week!     

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