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Friday, December 30, 2011

More Party?

Sof likes this whole holiday, off of school, do something new each day thing.  For the past couple days when I get her up in the morning this is how it goes…

Me: Good morning sweet girl!

Sof: More party mama?

  PC270967  PC270982

      PC270976  PC270996

Me:  No Sof, no party today.

Sof:  More presents mama?

     PC291004 PC291007

Me: No Sof, no more presents. 

A box of Band-Aids was her favorite gift.  I highly recommend it for all the 2-3 yr. olds in your life.  These baby’s cost $2.50 and you can make a little persons day!

Sof:  A show mama?

          PC270938      PC270942

Me:  No Sof, no show today.

Sof:  My sissies home?

    PC291008   PC291009

Me:  Yes!  Your sissies are home:)

We are off to the cottage for New Year celebrations.  That will satisfy her need for parties, being together with her family, and probably at least one dance show from the girlies!  I agree though, this couple weeks of just being home is the perfect way to wrap up the year.  

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