"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I’ve been good about keeping up with this space.  This should be a left overs post, and yet we did so much this month it’s still gonna be a long one. 

We fell into the routine of school.  Exciting at first, and then a bit of drag keeping up.



The second day struggle is real.

Sof is always all smiles in the morning though!




Knee socks and Mary Janes forever please.



When you’re ready early you can get to bus stop first and find roly polies!



First day of Brownies, and let me tell you, hell hath no fury like a brand new Brownie whose mom keeps forgetting and calling a Daisy.  She is not a Daisy anymore thank you very much.


It’s been a pretty warm fall so far, but we finally got a little stretch of rain and cooler temps.


The girls all love Colin!  He’s quite the ladies man.  Jill asked him to look for a picture and he turned and said, “No!”. 


I told him he looked handsome in his rain jacket, so he turned around and said, “Okay, just one!”  Stinker!


Sof and I have started a new routine.  On Monday and Fridays we go to the gym before school.  My class ends at the perfect time for me to drive her to school on my way home. 


She loves it!  In fact she begs to go! 


The sweet woman that works in there brings craft stuff.  Sof is usually the only kid at that time, so she gets lots of attention.  Last week they gave her Littlest Pet Shop toys embellishments.  This guy got a mohawk!  LOL




Sof’s teacher takes a ton of photos and posts them for us parents to see!  I love seeing a little peek into her world!





Sof’s school has this amazing garden and outdoor classroom.  I’m not a gardener, but it makes me want to be! 


The girl’s activities have kept us super busy.  It seems like every day and night someone has something!  I mostly love it, and love that they love it.

Football games have become our new Friday night activity.  Lexi’s team does a meal before each game provided by one family.  We did Jimmy John’s and of course everyone loves that!



Each game has a theme for the student section.  Adrienne went to the “America Out” with her besties from Western.


The pink out game is always a big one!  So cool to see all these kids getting behind breast cancer.  Lexi and Adrienne both had jerseys to wear for pom and cheer.


One of the girls’ moms on the cheer team is currently fighting breast cancer.  It was a great night to celebrate her and her battle.



Everytime the team scores, the cheerleaders do the same number of pushups as the score!  Too bad for them we have had some really high scores this year!


The student section loves to throw corstarch color into the stands!  It makes a mess, but you have to respect their spirit!IMG_8598IMG_8602IMG_8608IMG_8619IMG_8626

I love watching my Lexi fly!


The homecoming game was super fun!  The pom moms organize an awesome tailgate.  They know how to do it right!  Allie joined us, and the girls were CRAZY all night!


Remember when I said these two were crazy All. Night. Long?  I cannot adequately describe the complete out of control state they were in.  When I returned Allie to her parents I made no apologies and warned them that meltdowns or puke could result in the coming hours.


It was a good time, but the next week when it was raining I chose to go out to dinner instead of the game.  What can I say, I’m a fair weather parent.


The St. pat’s fair happened to be the same weekend as homecoming.  While Mark and I were busy chasing the big girls around to dinner and pictures, Sof got to bounce between Emily and Jill at the fair.  It’s safe to say she had a much better time than the alternative!



They scare me.



When I went to pick up Sof at Jill and John’s I found her like this.


Adrienne’s pom team held a clinic for the younger girls.  They went on a Sunday and learned the routine, and then performed it at a JV football game.  Sof loved it!




Livy was reluctant to participate, thinking she would be the only older(middle school) age girl there.  She wasn’t, and the group of 10 or so older girls looked like they could be the JV team tomorrow!  They were awesome, and I think Livy is sold on doing poms!

Sof’s cheer team had a team building picnic.  There were a few games involved, one being a three legged race with a parent.  We thought the older girls would have the advantage because of their similar size to the parent, but we were wrong.

IMG_8652   They say cheaters never win.  Apparently this isn’t cheating because the little girls and the dads won by miles!  The other games were just for the girls, and they really had a great time.  It was a beautiful day to get to know your team better!




That finally brings us to random photos taken in the month of September…

Lunches are back in full swing.  We still love our Yumbox!


Never leave your (almost) 8 year old unattended in the bathtub to take a phone call.


Back to school means back to dance.  Although that never really stops!  September does mean a new season though! 


Lexi’s schedule is so busy now that we don’t get many of these nights.  They used to happen more frequently, so I love any time we get to grab dinner or run errands just the 3 of us!


Lexi’s cheer team hosted a golf outing.  Mark, John, Scott, and Brian were her foursome.


My life was forever changed this month.  They brought the Shipt service to our area, and I can tell you I was one of the first customers.  I now get my groceries delivered right to my door.  Not only that, my personal shopper communicates with me about my list! 


I received that text while I was sitting at the pool watching these two cuties have their last swim of the season.


I mean really, I’m in love.


Lexi actually said to me, “Mom, imagine when I have kids and tell them we used to actually GO to the grocery store!”  It ‘s the way of the future people.

Enough about that…pajama day at school for homecoming.  Lexi is sporting the “not quite jammies, but not quite regular attire so safe for a freshman” look.  Adrienne is channeling her inner Peter Pan. 


This year I’ve decided to move my weekly Skype sessions to Sof’s class.  I prefer having it in my own classroom, but I’ve realized that Kindergarten is not the best age level to do it with.  They just aren’t ready for it.  The first session with the second graders went amazing, and I think it’s going to be a great learning experience for both sides. 


Lexi continues baking…every day.  Drives me crazy, but I do love that she has a hobby.


Sof is always happy to eat the results.  Especially pancakes.

Finally, I’m at my last picture I want to share.  On September 18, Joni gave birth to her second baby.  This sweet little nugget is going to rock our worlds.


More on her later, because she deserves her own space and Em and I are anxiously awaiting early November when we get to meet her in person.  For now I’ll just leave with “Welcome to our circle Kate.  We love you already.  You and Shipt are the best things to happen in September 2016”.