"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Endings and Beginnings

The week in between Christmas and New Year is quite blissful.  No school, no parties, and new stuff to play with! 

Sof and I decided to do her new puzzle one night.  She lasted about a half hour, and then came back to put the last two pieces in! 


John turned 40 so we got to celebrate that!  A welcome grown ups night out!


The girls had optional tumbling clinics at cheer.  After 3 hours of tumbling you can’t really say no to smoothies!


They also had some friends from cheer over for a sleep over.  The first thing they wanted to do was stop at the grocery store.  I set them loose with their own cart and when we met back up I regretted that decision!  Let’s just say if it’s junk food, it was in that cart!



We got to watch Ellen and Andy’s boys for a couple days over new years.  They brought them on New Year’s Eve, and we promptly left them with Lexi!

IMG_0762They had a great time playing and getting settled, and we were able to ring in the new year with a fancy dinner!

IMG_0773IMG_0774 That’s a wrap 2016, no complaints here:)

Monday, April 24, 2017

Christmas 2016

I think my girls always look the most beautiful on Christmas Eve!  Yes, it’s the dresses and the hair and the make-up, but also it’s the confidence and excited anticipation that shine through them.   


My baby looked so grown up!  She even had her nails painted to match her dress.


Lexi’s dress and shoes were just perfect for her!  She looked every bit a high schooler!


Adrienne nailed her look like usual.  Always put together head to toe.


Seriously, how pretty are my girls?  And that’s not even what I love most about them. 


We started off at Covert’s place.  Brought all our gifts and made ourselves comfortable.  A bean bag was the perfect gift for Sof because she put it right to use.  Seating is limited there, so an extra spot is welcomed:) 



Sof tore into all her gifts, then moved on to opening other people’s.


It was a quiet year since some of our usuals were traveling.  Adrienne invited a few of her friends to join us, and I researched non-alcoholic drinks that still look cool to hold!

IMG_0559 Emily and Steve joined us and the kids waited not so patiently for the poppers Aunt Sal always brings. 



Jeff and Melissa eventually joined us.  Melissa had to work, so there wasn’t time for them to travel to their family get together.  We’re always happy to have the extra people! 

IMG_0584IMG_0585IMG_0587IMG_0588 Every year I wonder why we serve this big meal.  Seems like we all fill up on drinks and munchies anyway.  However, there’s something special about all sitting down together with the fancy dishes and (hopefully) manners. 



The little girls couldn’t wait to shed their fancy dresses for jammies!


I love my sister.  So much.



Somewhere after that we sprinkled reindeer food on the lawn, put out cookies and milk for Santa, and left some carrots in case the reindeer were still hungry.  The kids headed up to bed, and the grown ups cleaned up.

Santa visited in the night, and spoiled the girls accordingly. 


The morning brought one very excited girl and two sleepy but willing teenagers.


We were lucky that Christmas fell on a Sunday and we were able to Skype with our Sri Lankan girls before breakfast. 


We had our breakfast with Sal, and then it was off to Grandma Linda and Papa Curt’s for the next celebration!

IMG_6238  There’s always a ton of presents !  It’s fun though, and the kids love seeing what everyone got!


Sof got some new Hunter boots from Emmy! 


Sof was really into to Pusheen surprise boxes.  Apparently a lot of other people were too, because I couldn’t find them anywhere!  Grandma Linda to the rescue!  She found 9 of them(and they’re not cheap).  The whole family had so much fun watching her open them and rooting for which one we wanted!  I think she ended up with all but one! 


Em and I bought mom’s gift back in October!  She was as happy with it as we hoped! 


This was my favorite gift(of Lexi’s).  Little did she know the whole family would start using it!  It’s a home UV drier, and it works fantastic!  I haven’t been without polish since Christmas!  That’s saying a lot since I’m writing this in April!


Sof’s big gift was a flier stand!  Now she can practice at home!


Kaitlyn is into a Skylanders game.


Everything Natty got was baby themed, no surprise!


Livy got a Chromebook!




We ate, played games, and chatted into the night.  Once it was bedtime we packed up and headed for the hotel. 


This year Livy and Lexi joined us, and Sof stayed at Grandma’s with Emmy.  My favorite part of the holiday is honestly the morning after swim.  I love Christmas, but it’s nice when it’s all over and you can just relax.  Em brings Starbucks and the remaining kids to the hotel, and we sit and sip our coffee while the kids go crazy in the pool.  It’s delightful.



After swimming we pack up and head back to mom and dad’s for lunch.  It’s nice to chat with Grandma again and eat before we get on the road! 



It’s always sad to say good bye, but happy to have had another great year.