"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Good News, Bad News

The good news is I found time this week to color my hair.  The bad news is it’s kinda a reddish orange color that I associate with troubled teens.  Oh well, I’d rather be a troubled teen than a grey haired granny.

The good news is we got some VERY promising news about our share time position for next year.  The bad news is it’s not a done deal until the personnel lady sings.      

The good news is it was viewing and competition week at dance.  That meant I got lots of opportunities to witness and document the girls I love in the sport I love.  Sof lined up without crying for the second week in a row.  So proud of her.    



If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.  I was happy and clapping too!

One of Sof’s favorite things about dance is the sticker at the end.  She immediately puts it on her leotard or on my shirt, and it usually ends up in the garbage before we get to parking lot.  For that 5 minutes in between though, it’s a highlight.

P4243433  P4243434



Livy and Adrienne have competition this weekend, so they had a dress rehearsal this week.  It’s the only rehearsal/show all year that parents are allowed to watch and video or take pics.  It’s always a struggle for me because I just want to watch and enjoy, but I have to man the video and camera!  It’s worth it though to have a few pics of the girls actually on stage!






The bad news is my camera doesn’t do motion well:)

The good news is yesterday was Friday and I made it through another week working full time.  We were all ready for some chillaxin’ last night with cousins and friends.  Before everyone arrived we had some chores to take care of.  I love seeing my kids display the kind of character traits I hope will make them into kind, caring, productive adults.  Lexi had a birthday party she was going to today, so I mentioned she should get her gift ready.  She spent a fair amount of time wrapping and coloring a card.  She cares about her friends and wants them to feel special.



All my girls enjoy the process of getting ready for company.  We’re pretty relaxed at our house, but we still like to clean up a little and have some munchies.  The girls like to be a part of that and I like that I can see them someday doing that in their own home. 

P4273466  P4273467

There is evidence of love and nurturing between sisters and cousins everywhere.  They know how to rally around little ones and be good role models.  Sof and Natty Bug are even forging a tentative relationship.

P4273504P4273509  P4273517   P4273480P4273523


It was a still night and we decided to try another Chinese Lantern.  It went a lot better this time(better being defined as nothing was on fire at the end of it). 


Funny thing was the kids all started yelling “Good Luck Ty”!  Little late for that.  Besides, he isn’t the one that needs luck, it’s his parents that do.  He’s a very happy busy boy.  It’s his mommy that’s being worn down to a nub! 


Friday was all good.  The bad news?  Monday is a boomerang.  No matter how far you try to throw it, it always comes back around!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birthday Or Bust

What do these two have in common?

   P4213273    P4223400

Not much, but they both had birthday parties this weekend. 

Brian turned 40 last week, and it just begged to be celebrated.  Luckily he’s got a Pinterest obsessed sweet little sister that obliged.  Ellen called Mark a month or more ago to help with the guest list and the surprise was set in motion.  Brian, of course, did everything you can imagine to ruin the surprise.  He took a last minute trip, got held up because of a missing car key, had the wrong car to fit him and the kids, and couldn’t have been more grumpy about the whole thing.  It was his party, and he could cry if he wanted too, but no way was he going defeat the determined group planning this.  Lee and Harv came home from Florida for their baby boy’s big day, family came from hours away, and friends from present and past gathered.  In the end he was truly surprised and it was all worth it.


   P4213282  P4213281  P4213283

  P4213253  P4213259

 P4213256  P4213254  P4213251

  P4213277  P4213265

P4213301  P4213319

      P4213309   P4213306



This fire engine was the most favorite toy.  It really shoots water and everything and everybody got wet at some point in the night.

What do you have have birthday parties?  Birthday cake shots of course!

 P4213294  P4213296

 P4213299  P4213300

Yuck.  I’ll stick to the real thing!



The whole Johnson clan,oh, minus Alexander.  Please, that boy isn’t going to sit for a picture!

The end of the night was reserved for Michael Jackson on the WII.  Typical end of the night, just plain out of control!

P4213334  P4213338


Shouldn’t those kids be in bed?  Yes they should, because only 12 hours later we would be here…


Before jumping you must watch a safety video.  I gotta admit, even though they don’t really follow the rules, the kids are always really into the video!




    P4223349  P4223351

Then they let you loose!

P4223366  P4223376



This is me racing Livy in the obstacle course.


Yes, I’m really racing.  ‘Cause I don’t care if you’re 7, I want to win. 


During cake and ice cream the birthday girl gets to sit in the big throne.  I was thinking of buying one of these for my living room and when I sit in everyone must address me as “Your Hiness”.  Oh yeah, back to the birthday girl…



(I’d probably need one of those crowns too.)

Kaitlyn was so sweet with her gifts.  She wants to read every card and examine every box.  She appreciates her gifts and gives everyone their due time.

P4223415  P4223416



Happy 6th Birthday!  You’re still my peanut:)

After 2 months of family, friends, cousins, and kids birthdays, I think we’re done for awhile.  The good news is the next birthdays will Mark and MINE in July.  I better get that throne ordered.

P.S. Ty is on a plane flying to his new home where his sister, extended family, and many adoring fans await!  Can’t wait to meet this little firecracker;)