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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Cottage Weekend

This weekend we headed to our cottage with our friends Barb and Jeff.  The big girls each brought a friend so we loaded in big blue(what we call one of Mark’s big work vans).  Two hours in the van with 5 girls made for a really happy arrival!  Mark did some work outside like putting the dock and boat in, but mostly we just hung out and had a good time!  The girls spent all of Saturday doing what they usually do, make overs and choreographing dances.  This weekend the big girls did the choreography and the little girls were the stars!



My Mom, Dad, and Grandma came out to hang with the kids while us grown ups went out. 


P3312719   P3312732


P3312735  P3312743

P3312740  P3312742

P3312715  P3312693


Sof learned she can now touch the pedals of her bike at the cottage too, and Grandma Jackie learned about the iTouch.


Can you imagine what Grandma thinks about all this technology?  Her lifetime has gone from horse and buggy to texting.  It’s mind boggling really.  How cool is it that she can remember every piece of innovation in between?


P3312749  P3312753

When we got home from our grown up dinner out we all sat around the table and played “The Game of Things”.  So fun!  Good for all ages:)


Today the kids spent the day at “Jungle Joe’s” with my Mom.  Barb and I happily dropped them off and headed to the mall:)


P4012765    P4012767



  P4012779  P4012776


We ended the weekend with birthday cake and ice cream for Barb’s birthday tomorrow.  Sof was thrilled, because girlfriend just loves to celebrate anything.  She was more than happy to help blow out candles!



We had to use just regular old candles because I couldn’t find my 2 and 9 candles:)

Ahhhh, spring break.  I couldn’t be happier about not going to work tomorrow!  Please pray my partner gets her travel call soon!!  It really needs to come by Tuesday! 

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