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Monday, April 16, 2012

Random Happies

Ty Lane 4

This is Ty.  His forever Mommy and Daddy are leaving for Korea tomorrow to get him!  His forever Mommy is my teaching partner by day and friend by night:)  If that’s not a happy I don’t know what is.  You can follow their journey HERE.  

Ty Lane 3This is Ty with his foster mother.  What a wonderful woman she must be to love this child so wholly and freely, only to hand him over to an American couple never to be seen again.  She has been fostering babies for 20 years and Ty will be her last one.  How bittersweet for her!  I wish I could tell her how loved this boy already is! 

Ty Lane 5Back to happies…yes, I said happy.  Sure, I feel bad for sweet Ty, that he fell and bumped his eye the other day and required 5 stitches.  Poor baby:(  I certainly wouldn’t wish that on him:)  I do, however, think he’s a busy boy full of wonderful trouble.  I am tired of hearing which book his forever Mommy is reading on her Kindle, while I’m trying to tame the beast we lovingly refer to as Sof.  Welcome back to the “toddler in your home” club sista!  Glad to have you.  Your Kindle might now make a good toy for big sister Libby.  Hee hee, it’s making me laugh…that’s a happy:)


It’s been nice out.  We have had a mild winter and a beautiful spring so far.  It just makes everything in life more bearable!  The kids have slipped into late evening playing outside.  Sof is loving the freedom of running from bike to scooter to sidewalk chalk. 




Notice the handle bar is turned the wrong way, and her shoes are on the wrong feet!  So summer!

   P4123036  P4123037


I’m a sucker for anything that involves Sof “mothering”.  She uses her high pitch mama voice with real babies, the cat, and any inanimate object that’s smaller than her.  She rarely holds a baby doll though, and only occasionally will pay attention to a stuffed animal.  This week she has taken to what she calls “Baby Penguin”.  So cute.




Hope your week is full of random happies! 

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  1. its too funny, i noticed the wrong way handle bars and shoes before I read your comment...must be that mothering thing in me...love to be outside also, and loving the mild weather...one of these days we will have to meet up somewhere.