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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter and Week In Review

It’s Sunday night and we’re in denial at my house.  Another 10 degrees is all we needed to believe it was summer break.  Alas, it isn’t, and we have to go back to school tomorrow.  This week gave us a taste of what’s to come, and we’re hungry for it now.

We had a beautiful balance of home and out, time together and time apart, and structured verses unstructured.  We did a lot of cooking.  We made every version of the birds nest treat you can imagine.  Chocolate, peanut butter, Rice Krispie, jelly bean eggs, and malted milk eggs.  Have I mentioned I sometimes get carried away with a theme?

P4042838  P4042839

P4062867  P4062869

While we were baking, Mark had a different kind of cooking going on.  He got a new grill and it’s like his new toy.  Works for me, the more he uses it the less I need to use the oven. 



The time, excitement, conversation, and attention this roast got this week had me thinking of it like the other woman…competition.

Sof went to school a couple days, so one day I took the big girls to get our nails done.  Culley girls like to do girly things:)

P4042844   P4042846

P4042848   P4042850


Sof got her time too.  She’s loving playing games and being outside.  She’s a whiz on her scooter and always wants a “big” push on the swings.


  P4083018   P4083019

A highlight of the week was being reunited with the cousins.  They took a trip out East to see the other side of the family.  We went about 2 weeks without seeing them, and my kids were melting without them.  They were home about 2 hours and we were at their doorstep:)

 P4062870  P4062874

  P4062879  P4062876


We also had the opportunity to be reunited with Joni this weekend and meet her boyfriend Dave.  Anne and Rick had a house full of people, which only happens a few times a year.  It’s wonderful to see Anne surrounded by family, because she has to wait a lot longer then 2 weeks to have that happen.  Her cup runneth over that night:)


P4072899  P4072919

P4072900  P4072911


It just so happened that it was also a very special day for this little bug…


Our Natty Bug turned one!  Where does the time go?  She will have her big B-day party next weekend, but we couldn’t ignore the real day! 

  P4072923   P4072940

Even though we were having so much fun, we had to call it a night.  The Easter Bunny was due to visit, and we wanted to make sure everyone was tucked in bed fast asleep! 

Sof has been talking about the Easter Bunny for weeks.  I really don’t know if she remembers last year, but by now she knows a holiday when she sees it.  She was up early and snuggled in my bed for an hour waiting patiently for her sisters to get up.  When it was finally time, she loved every minute of the baskets and egg hunt. 

  P4082954  P4082955       




    P4082957   P4082964

After the festivities it was time to get ready for church.   


There’s been a lot of sisters loving sisters this week.   



After church it was back home to dye eggs and have more hang out time with the cousins:)  We more then made up for our 2 weeks apart!

    P4082989  P4082992




After dinner we had another birthday to celebrate!  Mark’s dad had his b-day on Friday and we couldn’t not celebrate it today!  I’m certain we are going to go into cake withdrawl when we run out of birthdays to celebrate.



Happy Birthday CF!

It’s now way to late for me to be up on a work night!  Goes with my theme of denial.  Tomorrow will be a reality slap in the face!  Back to the hustle and bustle of our real life, and to the beginning of a countdown to summer.

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