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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bulldozer or Scaffold

Scaffold is a term we use in teaching all the time.  We scaffold kids in reading, scaffold them in writing, and then we let them loose to do it on their own.  The idea is that we are there gently pushing them up and up as they work, there to catch them if they fall.  With each lesson you push them higher and higher until they are flying on their own. 

In the past I would say I have been a scaffold to my sis in entertaining.  I owned a home young and have many years of experience in hosting parties.  My sis is all grown up now, and has had her own home for quite some time, and has hosted her share of parties at this point.  I’ve helped with menus, answered questions about time, and helped with just how much food to get.  Now, she’s flying just fine on her own.  So, a month or so back when we she started talking about Natty Bug’s first birthday party, I didn’t think much of it.  Fast forward to last week.  The party was a week away, sis and fam were over for Easter, and we started looking online at cute ladybug themed parties.  I caught the (lady)bug.  We started making lists of what sis is going to look into for HER kid’s party, and I casually threw out that might do some shopping to see what I can come up with.  Good bye scaffold, hello bulldozer.  I done lost my mind. 

P4133038We spent all day Friday making ladybug Oreos and preparing pots for the kids to plant grass seed in.  We spent Friday night at the mall putting together the finishing touches on the kids outfits.  Red, black and white required:)

    P4133043   P4133048   


P4143056  P4143109



It was the nastiest morning you can imagine.  Fifty something and rain.  Just before the party started though, the clouds parted and the sun shone down. 


And then it was party time!


   P4143061  P4143063

        P4143062   P4143129

 P4143082  P4143077

    P4143080  P4143088

 P4143134  P4143143


  P4143146  P4143147

   P4143152  P4143154


P4143184  P4143176

P4143196  P4143179


Happy 1st Birthday Natty Bug!

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  1. You can be a bulldozer at my house any day sista!!!