"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Sunday, April 22, 2012

It’s The Thought That Counts

This week our thoughts were on sweet little Ty joining his family.  We were so excited waiting for Friday morning when we knew there would be a blog post about how it went, and hopefully a picture of Ty with his Mommy and Daddy! 

Ty Lane 6

In short, it went great and Ty is very happy with his new family.  Which is why I can now tell this story…It was Thursday night at 9:30 our time when they were united.  I told my family all week that we were going set off a Chinese lantern to send good wishes to Ty at that exact time.


At 9:30 I made everyone put their coats on over their jammies, made Mark leave his TV show he had just sat down to watch, and we headed out to the driveway.  Mark was lighting it and we were all saying “Good luck Ty!”, “We’re thinking of you!”, and “Congratulations!”.  We were a fellow adoptive family, supporting another adoptive family.   


Everyone was bubbling with excitement thinking about what was happening at that very moment half way across the world!  The lantern slowly rose into the sky…


Then I heard Mark say, “This is bad”.  The darn thing blew right into the tree across the street.  Lexi started crying, I got my cell phone out ready to call the fire department, Mark ran to get a hose, and the neighbor boy came running out yelling, “The tree’s on fire!”.  Mark turned to me and said, “This could be a bad sign, you better not blog about it until you know things went okay”!  


We stood and watched it for quite a long time.  It would die down and we would start to go in the house, and then a slight breeze would come and the flame would grow again.  Even after it truly died down, we kept checking out the window to make sure it was still dark!  The next morning the remnants could be seen in the tree.


This morning when I took my run I saw it laying on the sidewalk and picked it up and threw it away.  So, the good news is even if I almost burn down the neighborhood, I clean up after myself!


The week was busy with my working full time added to the usual hustle and bustle of our family life.  Lexi had a recorder show at school.  I love her being the middle kid.  At these events the principal will often ask at the beginning, “Who is here for the first time?” and “Who is here for the last time?”.  I can answer no to both.  I’ve seen the show and will see it again. 


We had a random warm night that allowed for barefoot play in the driveway.  Sof was a happy camper with her bucket, soap, and brush helping Daddy wash the car mats.




Lexi headed to Girl Scout camp this weekend.  God bless the troop leaders and chaperones.  I wasn’t one of them:)

Lexi GS Camp

That’s a bearded dragon on my baby’s head.  Yuck.  We missed her, she didn’t miss us much:)  We had two birthday parties in 24 hrs. this weekend.  Saturday night was a surprise 40th party for Brian, and Sunday morning was Kaitlyn’s 6th b-day at Pump It Up.  Let’s just say I went from birthday cake shots, to kids and bounce houses.  More on that later…it deserves it’s own post.  Farewell sweet weekend!     

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