"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Years Eve

We said good bye to 2014 with friends.  Barb and Jeff always host a party at their house after a trip to the bowling alley.  They are generous enough to include us in their 20 year tradition.



Of course Buster Bear had to come with us and see Mrs. Winters!  Buster seems to be quite the bowler.  This is the second time he’s gone bowling with us!


After bowling we headed back to Barb and Jeff’s for appetizers, drinks, and games. 


We had a mean game of Pictionary, and I can’t actually remember who the women won.  Sof was spoiled beyond belief being the youngest kiddo there by 6 years, so she was having a bawl.  She just couldn’t make it till midnight though.


While she slept we rang in the New Year.  Em face-timed me at midnight because why not be together at least through technology?


Adrienne rang it in with her friends, so I had to settle for a text from her:)


2014 made my oldest a driver and my youngest a kindergartener.  There were things we did well, and things we could improve upon.  Mostly we just did what we needed to get through this wonderful, crazy life we call ours. 


Sunday, January 4, 2015



Most of the activities in December had at least a holiday undertone to them.  We started on the first day of the month visiting the Frozen exhibit at the mall and seeing Santa.  Of course there are no pictures of Santa because unfortunately this one is there for profit.  No dough, no pic.

IMG_2461IMG_2464IMG_2469IMG_2472No need for Santa pictures when you’ve got best buddies and a baby brother though!  Lexi loves little Colin!  She loves babies in general, but the fact that he loves her back helps!

We had a pretty mild December.  I love leaving the snow pants and boots at home, but it’s time for some snow already!



Milk please!  Can’t refuse that face:)


Sof had “Animals Alive” come visit her classroom.


I bought myself an early Christmas present.  Because I’ll buy anything with a nesting doll on it!


Spoiled Scratches.  She gets real lazy in the winter months!


Steve turned 40 and we celebrated with a grown ups party.  Such a fun night.


Terrible picture, but the memory of Anne reading aloud during a game of Cards Against Humanity is a memory I never want to forget.  I’m sure I burned calories I laughed so hard.  Hil. Ari. Ous.


During said party, all 6 kids stayed at my house.  I made sure to sugar them up with donuts before I sent them back to their weary parents.  Wouldn’t want them to go back calm and quiet.



We finally got to wear Sof’s holiday outfits!


Our new window treatments were installed.  I love them!  Not too much, but just enough to finish the room off!



I just love this smiling face in the morning.  I’m so happy she loves school so much, but I miss having some weekday time with just her.


I do love helping in her classroom and seeing her work so hard!


Sof’s school hosted a craft night.  I loved this idea!  Each craft had a cost of $1-$3, and you could make as many as you wanted.  After you made your gifts there was a free gift wrapping station with bags to decorate.


For weeks before each classroom collected donations for a themed basket.  Then at the end of the night there was a raffle.  I was really ready to go about 15 minutes before the drawing.  Lexi was desperate to stay.  I lectured her about the fact that we were not going to win anyway, and it was a waste of time!  She won, and I begrudgingly stayed.  Of course she ended up winning the baking basket she wanted!


I bought this adorable hat at a benefit for my friend who’s baby has cancer.  Sad circumstances, but a wonderful event!


Had a Christmas party with my hubby. 


Adrienne was in a production of the Nutcracker.  She had several roles including Clara and Fritz’s mother and a Spanish dancer.


Livy was in it too, and Grandma Linda and Papa Curt came to see it.


Sof’s favorite part was the fake snow.  She spent intermission chasing it around!


After the last show there was a dinner gala.  These girls are all such beauties!




One of Adrienne’s good friends, Jack, happened to be working as a bus boy that night!


The last week of school before break, Sof handed out presents every day!  She had so much fun bringing stuff for her primetime teachers, the specials teachers, and the other staff that she comes in contact with at school.





She wrote little cards for everyone.


Her party was blizzard theme, and she was pretty excited about it!


Being at school events like this is one of my favorite Mommy jobs.  I’m so lucky have the availability to do it! 



That first Friday of break we were able to see Kaitlyn swim again, and then hang out at our house for awhile.  Grandma Ree and Poppy had sent gifts for my kids, so they got to open them.  We were so looking forward to seeing them at Christmas, but as soon as Marie knew they wouldn’t be coming, she got packages in the mail.  They’re so thoughtful to always include my girls.


Sof had brought home Buster Bear that day, and Natty was waiting all night to get her hands on him!


I wrapped things early and got them under the tree.  I just find it takes so much stress off of the those last moments.  The kids spent lots of time shaking, organizing, and speculating what they were.  Even Scratches knew some were for her!


We got Barb a gift certificate for our favorite restaurant, and then used it.  It was one of those nights you could never recreate.  There was a band playing and someone gave me a tambourine.  I had bruises on my palms the next morning.  Nuff said.


We also had a great night playing cards with Mike and Alison.  We had a little fun with Mike’s magnifying sheet.


We ended the month at the mall using Buster Bear’s Gift cards.  This was confusing to me as I believe Buster is a boy.  Sof says “he” can be either a boy or a girl depending on who has him.  He does have boy and girl clothes in “his” suitcase.  All fine and dandy, but we always call him “he”.  Always.  So here HE is in HIS new clothes.Winking smile


I hope he’ll be very happy in his new duds:)