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Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Real Santa

This year we scheduled a private visit with the real Santa.  He came to the gym where we cheer, and we got 15 minutes to talk to him and take pictures.  He was the real deal.  So patient, kind, and informative. 


Sof got to bring home Buster Bear for the break.  Buster got to see Santa, and Santa promised to leave him a little something on Christmas morning.


After the other girls were done, it was Natty’s turn.  Poor thing, her anxiety was so high.  Santa was very patient with her and showed her his bells and big key for the houses without chimneys.

PC205520PC205521PC205523PC205524PC205525PC205526PC205529She managed to tell Santa what she wanted and got some secrets from Santa too.  Like the reindeer really like to eat raisins!  Who knew?


As long as she was in the safety of Lexi’s arms, even Nat was willing to take a group picture.  We had a great visit with Santa, and can’t wait to see him next year! 

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  1. Happy New Year to all your family from Scotland UK!

    Always look forward to reading your posts, Sof is the same age as our Gracie (adopted too) and I love seeing what stage she is at :)

    Debbie, Mark & Gracie