"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Monday, May 28, 2012

It’s a Celebration

Every year there is a theme to our dance recitals.  This year was “It’s a Celebration”.  We took it to heart and have been celebrating all week.  After a bit of a lull in our usual gather and enjoy life get togethers, we found no shortage of things to celebrate and people to celebrate with us this week.  Sof danced on the big stage.  At her age in our studio it’s optional.  Of course, any chance to wear a cute tutu, curl your hair, and wear make-up is never optional here.  She loved it, like really loved it.  I did too.




Sof loves to dance, she just doesn’t want to separate from mom.  Lucky for her she has a big cousin(who not too long ago was our baby) that always looks out for her.  She stayed right with her back stage and held her tight when they came on stage for the final bow.  I know this because the dance mom’s working backstage that night told me.  I’m not surprised one bit, but they were impressed with the attentiveness our Kaitlyn showed.  Thanks Peanut:)


  P5243826   P5243829

Girlfriend was not feeling so generous with the paparazzi after the show.  She was promised ice cream, and she wanted it. 

Saturday was the last show and all of Adrienne’s dances were in it.  It was amazing I tell ya!  Our shows are meant to entertain, and that’s what they do.  No boring 4 hour recitals at our studio.  Their shows leave you wanting more.  We had 20 people go and then come back to the house for dinner.  Just making it through our two weeks of recital is reason enough to celebrate!


P5263839   P5263871



P5263851  P5263855

P5263868  P5263889


  P5263891  P5263896


This started with Alison doing cartwheels and ended with me forgetting my age.  For the record, I still kinda got it.  Kinda I said.

P5263892   P5263900

The morning allowed for a one quiet hour of coffee with Grandma Jackie.





Then we were off and running again.  Adrienne and I went to a graduation party for the 6 seniors at her dance studio.  We have some really great dancers graduating this year.  Iain is amazing.  I will miss seeing him dance and our partnering will suffer:(  I am certain the next time we see him dance will be on Broadway.


P5273914  P5273916

 P5273915  P5273920

This morning was the Memorial Day Parade.  I’ll be honest, I HATE the parade.  It brings out every weirdo, freak, loser, non productive member of our city(and there are a lot of them).  I do love our country though and the men and women that serve it. 



The only thing cuter than an internationally adopted kid, is an internationally adopted kid with an American flag. 


I’m kind of a dance snob.  I think we’re the best.  When we come down the street people take notice!

P5283936 P5283940   P5283941


By the end of the parade Kaitlyn and Livy were able to join us as they were done with their part. 

     P5283947     P5283934

Once again, Kaitlyn took care of Sof, making sure to cover her ears during the sirens.


Did I mention it was 90 degrees?  Yeah, it was.  Luckily we had a pool party with the dance crew to go to afterwards. 

P5283951 This was Sof’s first opportunity to really swim.  Last year she was pretty afraid of the water, and we didn’t push it.  This year, girlfriend has to swim, it’s too much a part of our lives. 

P5283954  P5283958

I gave her a minute to get used to the water, and then I put her floaties on and put her in.  She fussed for a minute, realized she wasn’t sinking, and was a total wild woman the rest of the day!  She had all the big girls catching her and playing with her.  She knows how to work the crowd.

P5283960   P5283961

P5283963  P5283973

     P5283968  P5283971


A big thank you to Leslie and Mark for being brave enough to open your home to all these kids and their families!

Let’s just say it’s been an exhausting week…


Monday, May 21, 2012

6 Things Keeping Me From Blogging

1.Bike Rides for Ice Cream

    bike ride   Sof ice cream

2.  Dress Rehearsals with Livy and Kaitlyn

     P5173755  P5173767

3.  Recital!



4.  After Recital Celebrations



(Sadie and Adrienne always find a gnome!)

5.  10 K Run (Not my best showing thanks to afore mentioned late night recital celebration)

10K Jen and Rick FYI, the sweet grandma in the power chair came in before us:)

10K Jen and Rick 3

Is Rick grabbing my ass?

6.  White Trash Tea Party with Sof-underwear, plastic dishes, water, and runny nose-classy.



All things worth being busy for.  This week will be more of the same and I can’t wait.  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will be more recital, including Sof on the big stage!  I’ll be back as soon as I can…