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Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Star is Born, Tragedy, and Everything In-Between

Think of this post as a movie.  The main attraction will be that Sof had her first dance recital(be still my beating heart).  Before that though, there will be a random assortment of thoughts, events, and musings, also know as the previews. 

On Friday I checked the blogs I follow for any updates.  I eagerly clicked on my friend Sally’s blog only to read about the tragedy she has just endured.  She lost her 17 year old son.  My heart breaks for her.  This event has spurred some interesting conversation.  You see, I “know” Sally, but in a very 2012 kinda way.  We have only conversed through email and blog world.  Yet we are connected.  Our daughters grew up in the same orphanage.  Sally gave me the only pictures I have of Sof as a baby in the orphanage.  I was(am:) determined to get these little girlies together this summer.  10 years ago we would never have known one another existed.  Through the wonder of modern technology we have found each other though.  I think in coming years there will be etiquette established for this kind of situation.  Right now though, I sit and think of her, wishing I could do something that would make me feel I was being a friend.  Send a card, bring food to her, make a call, or give a hug.  For now, just a comment on her blog letting her know she’s on my mind will have to suffice. 

Today is our anniversary.  17 years…wow!  Yep, I was 12 when we married.  We snuck out for dinner to our favorite place. 

P5133742We came home to find the neighborhood kids making a wagon train.  Alexa ran to the window as the car pulled up in the driveway.  She quickly spit out, “Can we use your bungee cords dad?”.  Ahhhh, little late for that.


  P5133749  P5133751


Before all that, I got out of the shower to hear squeals of delight coming from Sof.  I investigated and found Adrienne, Mark, and Sof out on the deck hosing it off.  Sof was giggling and squealing as Adrienne splashed her.  She’s loving the water.  Summer will suite her well. 

   P5133738   P5133739


This week starts recital week for Adrienne.  We are so EXCITED!!!!  I LOVE RECITAL!  We get to see all the hard work of the year compiled in one 2 hour show.  She does 6 shows and I’m watching 3.  That won’t be enough.  It’s the busiest 2 weeks of our year, but we love every minute of it!

A quiz…What career is this child prepping for?


Aerospace engineering of course!  What were you thinking?

And now, without further a due, I bring you Sofie’s recital…

At our studio the littlest dancers have a show at the studio.  There is an optional recital on the big stage the kids can perform in(which of course Sof will), but their main show was Saturday.  They all pick their own hair and outfit and they perform just with their class.  We started the preparation with putting curlers in.  



She slept in them and wore them all day until it was time to get ready.  I was skeptical as to whether her hair would hold the curl, but it turned out so cute!  She was excited to say the least.  At 6:30am she was at my bedside saying “Costume Mama?”.  Uhhhh, no.  We have 11 hours till show time.  She asked everyone in the house, “You clap my dance show?”.  Grandma and Papa showed up and I thought she would burst.   



She was aaa-MAZING!  Girlfriend owned the stage.  She knew her moves and wasn’t afraid to show them. 

P5123678   P5123683

P5123681  P5123699



P5123706  P5123719



A star was born!

And finally, the trailing credits…

Happy Mother’s Day!

Lexi picked out a card that said, “Good moms let their kids lick the beaters.”

“Great moms turn the mixer off first.”   


  P5123621  P5123623


  1. Love Sof's hair, it looked adorable! Glad she had fun at recital, wish I could make it to Adrienne's this year, tell her to 'break a leg'!!!

  2. Jen, you truly are a great bloggie friend...hugs to you and your beautiful family...do me a favor and hug them and tell them over and over again how much they are loved...
    Sofs hair is adorable and Ava Grace is so jealous, she so wishes I can curl her hair.