"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Good, The Bad, And The Sofie

It’s interesting how as a mom there are times when you just notice your kids.  You stop and take note because they do something you haven’t seen before, or say something profound, or they have a new outfit on that just makes them seem big. 


I’ll be honest, most the time Sof drives us all crazy.  She never stops talking, constantly wants attention, loves to say “My do it”, and constantly wants everything everyone else has.


She spends A LOT of time on the step.  She is one with the step.  I worry she will have PTSD(post traumatic stair disorder) one day.

    P5053596   P5053597

When she isn’t on the step though, she does some seriously cute, and seriously big girl stuff.

She doesn’t wear clothes anymore.  She only wants a dance costume on(of which we have plenty).  Sometimes she forgets and keeps her clothes on for a little while afterschool.  That only lasts until a Fresh Beat Band song comes on.  Then she immediately screams “COSTUME!” and runs to get one.  Then she searches for her microphone and makes me rewind the DVR so she can shake her groove thing.   

P5043575  P5043576

She loves her some jelly peanut butter sandwich.  Yes, jelly comes first every time. 

 P5013547   P5013548


She likes her blanket wrapped around her head when she’s relaxing.


She thinks she’s Adrienne’s age and should be able to help herself in the pantry whenever she wants.  This often ends her on the step(see paragraph 3).


She loves to play outside.  She’s so proud of her “pedal bike” as she calls it.


She likes to collect rocks in her baby stroller, and if she’s really lucky and has pockets, she hoards them in there.

 P5023565  P5023566

She is bold in the neighborhood.  She’ll go play with Jack and Avery even if the big girls aren’t around.  Avery had her shooting baskets the other night.  We won’t be hanging out with her anymore, bad influence(see paragraph 4, dance costume).

P5023557   P5023560

She loves her baby cousin.  She uses her high pitch mama voice.  Love it.



Girlfriend knows who she is and what she likes.  Luckily, I like her.  I think she’s pretty cool.  If she didn’t give me so much trouble she wouldn’t fit in as a Culley girl:)


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  1. I love when I get a chance to read your blogs! What a heartwarming and loving family! God knew exactly what he was doing bringing Sophia to all of you!!!