"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Decorating the tree at my house is always an anticipated event.  It’s not really putting the ornaments on that my kids look forward to.  They love to pick a tissue wrapped package from the box and carefully unwrap it to reveal a little memory.  See, we don’t do the 12 packs of ornaments that all match.  Since I was little, my grandma has purchased an ornament every year for me.  She now purchases one for each great grandkid also.  In addition I have several other special ornaments from various people.  I literally have a story for every ornament on my tree.  My kids love to hear about each one we unwrap.  For example, the year my frugal Grandpa passed away,  Grandma showed up to Christmas with this ornament for my sister an I.


They were $50 each.  It was Grandma’s declaration that while she missed my Grandpa terribly, she was going to have some fun with the money he saved!

This Nutcracker set was made by a family friend, Aunt Dottie, who moved out of state when I was young.  Every year she would send a package with hand made ornaments for my sister and I.  These are still some of my favorites and I always put them front and center! 


Here’s a blast from the past.  Long before scrapbooking women gathered together and painted ceramics.  This pretty kitty was painted by my mom, and might be one of the most artistic things she’s done! 


My father in law is even represented on the tree.  Every year he buys us the new White House ornament.  We have one from each year since 1998!


My kids will have all these same kind of memories when they grow up.  They will remember picking out their ornament with Grandma and why they chose that one.  Before my family left this weekend we did our trip to Hallmark and watched as the kids so carefully made their choices.  Sof and Natalie ended up with Precious Moments, Adrienne chose a ballerina, Lexi got a cool music playing penguin one, Livy got the Grinch, and Kaitlyn chose a rockin’ guitar!  Each one was perfect for them. 


Decking the halls was a family event.  We had lights going up outside, inside, and everywhere in between.  Sof wavered between being a spectator and a participant. 

       P1010059          P1010060


       P1010082            P1010084


Sof was into putting the ornaments on the tree until she discovered this icicle.  Typical Sof, she decided to use it as a microphone to sing with the Christmas music.  This girl is a performer! 


Our tree is not just a decoration.  It’s a conversation piece all month.  It’s also a place I will find my kids standing and staring.  They love to find their ornaments, push music buttons, and pull dancing strings.  It’s a symbol of not just the season, but of our family. 


  1. What beautiful and special memories! I love that! I have a best friend that I have known since we were a year old. We have exchanged ornaments every year since. Now that I am OLD I could fill a tree with her ornaments but I too love the meaning behind each one. Enjoy the season! By the way, beautiful new photos of your girls.

  2. I also buy a special ornament for each child every year. something that meant something wonderful for the year and I try and put the year on it somewhere so that they will be able to look back...love the updates, sof is getting big!