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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Candy

I think now is a good time to document the fact that Sof is consistently putting two and three words together.  For example, “more candy”, “No Daddy”, and “Stop Mama”. She practiced her phrases a lot last night:)  First though, we went to Lexi’s school for her parade and party.   DSCF3075                                          What are we waiting for?

DSCF3079                      Loved this moment of sisters happy to see each other:)

          DSCF3090       DSCF3082         DSCF3084  DSCF3092           DSCF3099    DSCF3104

Trick or Treating was a wonderful mess of kids and chaos and sugar!  Jack and Lexi were ridiculously perfect in their characters…


Adrienne had 5 of her dance friends over.  My rule is as long as you dress up(in a real costume) you can trick or treat.  They all came ready!



The Gnome Story…These two buddies were in Vegas this summer for a ballet intensive.  While there they saw a garden gnome and asked what it was.  Miss Kelli told them this elaborate story about the little people that live in the garden.  When Sadie called home she asked her mom about it.  Her mom played along and confirmed that they indeed were real.  Before you know it these two 12 year old girls were totally believing in gnomes.  To be honest I’m not sure if they know the truth yet, but it was only fitting that they dress the part!

DSCF3114      DSCF3112

Sof figured out the trick or treating right way.  She’s all about the candy!  When I asked, “What do you say?”.  She would say, “Thank you.  More Candy!”.  Then she would reach up promptly to help herself.  We still need a little work on manners:)


It was pretty obvious when Sof was done.

Sof Halloween Done 2011

Yep, finished.

The stash was ridiculous, enough candy to cure hunger in most third world countries.  Seriously, it’s kinda glutinous. 


Of course the big girls had to challenge each other to eat the most sour candies they could find.  These girls work hard everyday at dance and are very serious about their training.  It’s great to see them let that all go and just have fun!


For some reason in our adoption process Halloween was the one holiday that really made me long for my little girl.  In 2009 we just doing our home study and I thought for sure we would have her by the next year.  I remember being at the gym and daydreaming about what she would want to dress up as and how we would explain it all to her.  Then the next year it was a huge disappointment that not only did we not have her, but we didn’t even have a referral.  Finally, we got our first Halloween with all three of our girls!  One more “first” to check off the list!  

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  1. awww so cute. Love all the costumes. Sof looks like she is getting so big. Good lovin' I guess does that.