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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Aren’t Horizontal Stripes a Fashion No-No?


We had a modge podge of a weekend, so here goes…

Bowling was on Saturday again.  We always bowl right before Halloween, and you’re supposed to dress up.  We’ve had some really good costume years, and this was not one of them!  Mark was Waldo, I was Wenda, and the rest of the group is the crowd.  Can you spot us?  


You will see this theme again in my Halloween Day post because I’m wearing Lexi’s costume.  Pretty sure her and her buddy Jack will be way cuter!  Funniest part of the night…when I saw someone taking a picture I would sneak up behind and pop my head in.  I think I’m in every picture that was taken that night.  I crack me up:)

Lexi wanted to do goody bags for her class.  Who knew it would be such a bonding experience?  All 3 girls worked together on it!


Awwww…is that all my girls cooperating together?  Good thing I got a picture to prove it.

Tonight was pumpkin carving night.  Adrienne took on a difficult pattern for hers, Lexi was the master cleaner-outer, and Sof wasn’t sure about any of it.  Then again if I was sent to a different country and told to clean out a gourd with my hands so I can cut a stupid face in it I might be skeptical too.  She liked using the spoon best, but did put her hands in it a few times.  She did not like it when we lit it and turned the lights out!  I didn’t get a picture of the big girls finished products because I was putting Sof to bed!  Tomorrow…

DSCF3069   DSCF3068

DSCF3058  DSCF3074

Hope you have a great Halloween!

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