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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bowling Buddies

Yep, we're on a bowling league. I don't really like bowling, and my score never has more than 2 digits in it, but I have a REALLY good handicap! I always say I love bowling night, I just don't want to bowl. Bowling night is an automatic "see ya kids, we're outta here" night once a month. We almost never see our bowling team besides bowling night, which makes it even more fun to catch up. So, the bowling season started this weekend and I thought, "You know, I should take some pics and blog about it becasue we do have a life outside our kids occasionally". And, there are never grown up pictures on the blog! So, I took my camera and documented the night. You know what I realized? I blog about the kids because frankly we're just not that cute. I think in twenty years though I'll look back and say, "Look at our young selves all having fun and junk!". So here goes...bowling night in visuals...

Dinner is always first. Without it none of us would show up. We have our favorite places and occasionally we get brave and venture somewhere new. This night we wanted to start the season out right so we picked our very favorite family owned local restaurant. The food, drinks, prices, and atmosphere are just right!

They have an old time phone booth we couldn't resist. Yeah, totally posed.

Then finally onto the bowling alley where we approach our first game with enthusiasm. It's in the third game where you hear things like, "Hurry up so we can be done", "Where's Barb? Just bowl for her", and "I'd be happy to pay the same price if only had to bowl 2 games"! But we'll be back for more next month:)

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