"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Sofie

The invites went out with this song...
Our itsy bitsy Sofie is going to be three.
She's growing and she's changing we hope you'll come and see.
Come and celebrate and show her lots of fun.
It's her first birthday party even though she isn't one!

And they came. Almost every invite we sent was met with a yes. Our friends and family came and rallied around our daughter, and celebrated a life that has waited 3 years to be celebrated. She loved it. Every part of it. I loved it, just as much. It was just a house full joy.

Of course I planned her outfit for months. She was adorable and the day couldn't have been nicer.

This is my girlfriend Beth. She made the invites and the cake. It's a talent she has but uses sparingly. Lucky for me Sof has a way of getting in people's hearts and making them do all sorts of stuff for her. The cake is the best you'll ever have. Mark asked, "What's in this that makes it so good?". I said, "Crack". It's just that good.

The house was full and kids spilled outside. It was the kind of party where there just wasn't enough time to talk to everybody. There were smiles everywhere.

We drank in life and enjoyed each others company.

I was excited for cake and singing. We've been practicing and she loves it. She was over the moon with the real deal.

We sang, she blew, we cheered, and she said, "More". So we did it all again because she so deserves it.

The whole "one-year-old tear into your cake" thing doesn't work with a kid who always wants utensils and a napkin:)

Gifts were equally elating. After about the second one she got the idea they were all for her! She tore them open like a pro.

As the night went on the fun got a little rowdier. This is a little game I like to call torture my mother(aka. recreate my birth).

She loves it and asks for it all the time.
Adrienne knows how to play it too. What can I say, she's an easy target.

I love how the big girls wanted to play with Sof's toys. They opened everything and totally played with the toy food and dishes.

Then it just got out of control.

Doesn't this room just scream, "My cup runneth over with joy"?

Alas, things must wind down. Kids get tired, and the clock already said it was tomorrow.

If I had expectations this day would have exceded them. You are so loved Sof, and we will never stop celebrating your life.


  1. looks like you had a blast! What a wonderful life to celebrate!

  2. What a joyous occasion! I started reading your blog when you were on your 2nd trip. How amazing to see how she has changed and grown. We are in Russia now on our 1st trip. Can't wait to celebrate our little girl's birthday at home for the first time!!