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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Panther Hunt

Does anyone really look forward to those community fun events that children beg you to take them to? Personally, I avoid them whenever I can. In fact I often lure my kids away from them with promises of better things like ice cream or a trip to Target. This weekend I gave in and we went to the "Panther Hunt". It was a beautiful evening and we really had nothing else to do. We made sure we got there early as to avoid this line...

The big event is the actual Panther Hunt. You walk through a trail in the woods following the panther footprints and getting treats and prizes along the way.

Sof is going to love trick or treating. She caught on right away to the idea of opening her bag and collecting her stuff!

At the end of the trail you come across the panther. Lexi and Jack were excited, and Sof was hysterical. She scaled Mark like a squirrel up a tree!

There were cider and donuts, and pumpkins to decorate and paint...

There was a face painter. Sof watched the girl ahead of us have her cheek done and her little brother got his design on his forearm. When it was our turn I had Lexi go first to show Sof. When it was Sof's turn she hopped up and pointed to her arm. She's so observant. I couldn't believe she knew that was an option and communicated it!

Lexi and Jack had a pony ride, and Sof got as far as putting the helmet on.

Lexi looks like a natural little horseback rider! May be we should look into that. We need more activities in our life...NOT! We ended up having a fun time and I might even suggest we go next year, we'll see:)

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