"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where were you?

You know those events that are seered in your brain forever? Like 9/11? Or the day your adoption consultant calls and tells you that in a few short minutes you can open a file on your computer that will forever change your world? On November 10, 2010 around 7pm, where were you? I remember everything about that night. I was getting my nails done(yeah, that happened before I went back to toddlerhood). I went back to my car and checked my phone. There was a missed call from my agency. I didn't think much of it because our consultant worked in the evening and always did her check in calls around that time. Nevertheless, I was always excited to hear from her to get any glimmer of hope our time was coming. I called back and heard the words I'd been waiting for, "We have a referral for you". Have you ever watched water boil, or grass grow? That's what it felt like watching my inbox for the most important email I will ever recieve in my life. When these pictures finally popped up...

I thought, "She is exactly perfect". Her scared, sad eyes called to me. They said, "I need a mommy". "I need a family". What followed was a flury of tears, texts and phone calls. Mark was doing the nightly pick-ups of the the girls from their activities. He didn't tell them until they got home. They were so excited. They had wanted a "baby". They were thrilled to hear she was just 2. They wanted pictures printed to bring to school. It was just such a joyous time for us. After the girls went to bed the reality set in. We only had 48 hours to accept this referral, and to do that we needed an okay from our IA doctor. After hearing all the worst case scenerios, consulting a family friend who's a pediatrician, and spending a sleepless night thinking about it, we accepted. She felt right in our hearts. Oh how right we were. Her little life was meant to coincide with ours.

This month happens to be orphan awarenss month. Last Sunday was Orphan Sunday. What I love about right now...is there will be no more holidays without our Sofie. There will be no more waiting and wondering. There will be no more worries, concerns, or questions. Now I think, how could I have ever questioned this? I'm human though. I have other children. I did think about the possible pitfalls of adopting a child. It's not for everyone. What I can say is that, if you are, or have ever, thought about adoption, it's a leap of faith. You cannot taste the sweet victory though, unless you get into the game. There are a million reasons why it's not for everyone. If you fall into that catagory, there are other ways to support the hurting children in our world. Could you say no if they were standing in front of you? For reliable info on what you can do, check out the website at the end of the video.

Two families came to see Sof before us. They both said no. How lucky for us, because she is our happy ending, and I believe in her.


  1. That is beautiful! Today a friend told me how she is so excited for our adoption because it was something she and her husband always thought about doing. They just never did-never felt the time was right, or never had the right job. There are always doubts. It truly is a leap of faith and then the doubts disappear. I'm so happy you all have your happy ending.

  2. Beautiful, I remember your first email to me, the feelings of joy and concerns all wrapped up into one, and then letting your heart follow God is the greatest gift. What joy for Sof to be where she was meant to be. We feel the same way about Ava Grace, to think that there were many families that turned Ava Grace down, just so she could be with us. and the pictures of Sof and Ava Grace on the couch together is just priceless...2 girls who had nothing, but gave everything to us!

  3. I will never forget that night! Picked up my phone around 10:30pm which I don't often do but just did that night : ) So mad that I missed your call but kind of happy that I found out about Sof by seeing her picture! Before the tears and frantic phone call to you there was a sigh of relief because she just seemed perfect!