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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ups, Downs, and In-Betweens

This week brought some frustrations.  My personality in a nutshell…I don’t go looking for confrontation, but if it finds me I don’t mind.  I don’t start stuff, but I’m happy to finish it.  I always make decisions based on what’s best for me and my family, and if others don’t like it, too bad.  This week brought a plethora of annoying people and situations.  High maintenance criers, control freaks, and down right unreasonable mental cases.  The end of the week brought a civil war waged in the dance world.  I stood my ground(because I was right) and didn’t back down.  Unfortunately wars rarely have a clear winner, and both sides end up with casualties.  In this case it was the death of the role of Clara in “The Nutcracker” being played by my daughter.  She practiced that role for 2 months, only to have it taken away two days before the first performance because of a grown up situation.  It sucked.  What I know is this will not be the last dance battle we wage.  For now we move on knowing that sometimes winning means losing too. 

By Friday morning I was happy to see my cell phone a-buzz with texts and calls to see who was available and what house we could meet at.  We haven’t had a weekend “whoever-is-around-come-over” get together in awhile.  Too long actually.  We washed the week away with friends, laughs, food, and games.  I finished a bottle of wine with my sis and taught my 3 year old how to gamble.  Productive night.

  DSCF3319          DSCF3320

  DSCF3313          DSCF3307

Mark was sure this Barbie shoe was bringing him luck.  Funny, he didn’t win once.


Now here’s a good picture for the social worker:)  Sof’s a mad dice roller by the way. 

We did have a little fashion show sans kids.  Livy and Lexi were the judges.  It lacked a little organization because Adrienne wasn’t there!  Big girl had cooler things to do. 

           DSCF3327           DSCF3330


Saturday brought a Girl Scout field trip to the parade company.  Cool stuff and good time with my Lexi.  Those floats are amazing to see up close.  There are only 13 full time employees that manage over 2,000 volunteers to make all the floats and costumes.  I will have a new appreciation watching the parade on TV this year!

DSCF3340  DSCF3362  DSCF3352DSCF3349

DSCF3363                               This is the stuff nightmares are made of!


A quick trip to mall with Mark and Sof proved to be the perfect Saturday night.  Sof’s love for shoes has not dwindled.  A shoe on a rack with a price tag calls to her like candy in a dime store. 

      DSCF3378                DSCF3377

My love for my hubby has not dwindled either.  He proved that chivalry is not dead with a simple Starbucks deed.  There was only one cup sleeve left.  What to do?  Of course he put in on my drink!  Prince charming:)   

DSCF3385A few days of work this week will give way to 5 days at home.  I’ve done my grocery shopping and will spend the next couple days preparing for the family to gather.  I am so so ready for a holiday!  Here’s hoping this week is full of smiles and thanks. 

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