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Monday, November 14, 2011

Unplanned, Unorganized, and Undeniably Us

We are last minute people.  It’s not that we have a fear of commitment, it’s just that we always have so many balls in the air it’s hard to know where each is going to land.  I waited several days to see where Friday’s balls were going to land in order to make a plan for the night.  On Thursday I texted Anne about the possibility of watching Sof Friday night, so we could take the big girls to dinner and a movie.  On Friday at 4 I told her I didn’t need her.  At 4:30 I said, “Give me another half hour to figure this out”.  At 5 I asked her to be at my house by 5:30.  She came straight from work and I offered her mini bagels and cream cheese for dinner.  That’s a good friend.  All that was so we could have some time doing things not conducive to toddlerhood.  We went to one of Lexi's favorite restaurants, then caught a movie.     

      photo (13)                 photo (14)

They cook at your table, thus the reason we left Sof at home:) 'Cause Russian princess would surely have caught the whole place on fire.

On Saturday we actually had PLANNED to go to Sal and Don’s.  It is Christmas dress time.  We look forward to this day all year.  The girls couldn’t wait!  Of course we had a great time, always do, and we left with our girls feeling very special.  I was a bit unorganized getting there because Adrienne informed that morning she needed her hair curled for a dress rehearsal and through a series of balls landing in the wrong place I had realized I was going to have to put together her birthday dinner for the next day.  More on that later…

DSCF3192            DSCF3187

DSCF3202          DSCF3218

Sal always has a project for the girls to make them feel involved.  Sof and Lexi set the table complete with confetti. 


Drum roll please…Here is your preview of the Christmas dresses!


Most of the night looked like this; with good food, good company, and conversation and laughs.  This day ranks up there with the red cups at Starbucks in ushering in the holidays for me. 

We left after midnight, and I spent the hour drive home thinking how I was going to squeeze everything in the next day.  I owed Adrienne a birthday shopping trip and her birthday dinner.  With her schedule, the weekends are the only time.  So, Sunday morning I did not go to church, but rather decided God would understand that I needed every hour I could get to make my biggest girl feel special!  Even with that she made her own cupcakes!  Like usual though, it didn’t matter how clean my house was(or wasn’t), or what I served for dinner.  What mattered was we got together to celebrate, and memories were made. 

DSCF3238           DSCF3247


Adrienne has been begging me for tickets to Wicked.  Little did she know I had bought them last April!


If you don't believe me that this was unplanned, just check out the candles.  All I had was Sof’s used 3 candle and a random black and white striped one! I could have put them both together to make 13, but we were celebrating my sis's b-day too! They are 20 years and 1 day apart. 13 and 33! Happy Birthday today Em! 



On Friday morning I would have told you I had no idea what we were doing this weekend, but by Sunday we had managed to fill up every waking moment. It’s our crazy life, but I love it!

What I’ve been lovin’ about this week…

DSCF3160                   DSCF3166

Cooking with the girls,

DSCF3174                    DSCF3182

and sister love. 

Be back tomorrow because my first born turns 13.  Good Lord I’m the mother of a teen.  Pray for me.

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