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Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanks and Giving

I've been soaking up the holiday transition, thus the lag in blogging.  It's gone all too fast and it's not hard to think back on the day.  I have a favorite part of holidays, and it's not when we're in the thick of it(though I do love that too).  I love the morning of.  When I can go for a run knowing the whole family will be up mulling around when I get back.  Then I do a Starbucks trip and come back and sip my coffee while making preparations.  These early preparations are fun.  There is always some sort of parade on TV, and it seems as though the morning will last forever.  All too soon the stuffing the turkey with care and welcoming kids in the kitchen to help turns into a frantic frenzy.  I start throwing objects in any empty drawer, threatening to throw away any toy, shoe, or beloved blanky not in it's proper place, and shooting unassuming snotty comments at hubby.  I like to call these questments.  It's a statement phrased as a question like, "Are you going to eat over the clean counter before everyone gets here?".  That's code for, "Touch one of those perfectly arranged crackers and I'll cut your hand off".  All in the name of thanks and giving.  It's all part of the anticipation.  The knowing that soon the house will be full of family, and the toys and blankies will become part of the decor. 

This crowd gathered in awe to watch me prepare the meal.  To lavish words of praise and gratitude on me for nourishing their bodies.  Not really, they were watching the baby, and she knows how to work a crowd. 


The other 5 are pretty amazing too.


I borrowed a page from Sal’s book and planned a cooking activity for the kids to do.  We ended up with enough pumpkin bread to last the whole weekend. 


DSCF3408     DSCF3409

How sweet is this?


I admit, it was posed.  I actually said, “get ready to pray”.  What really happened was just as sweet though.  The middle girls wanted to say the prayer.  They ran in the bedroom and rehearsed what they wanted to say.  Then we all gathered around the dining room table while they prayed in unison. 

The dinner was fab and we were thankful.  Onto the giving part.  We have 3 family b-days in November and one in early December.  We always celebrate on Thanksgiving because you have to eat dessert anyway, why not stick a candle in it? Speaking of candles…we’re still challenged in that area.  Enter tea lights.  Don’t knock it till you try it, no drippy wax!

DSCF3454     DSCF3457

Mmm…ice cream…I’m so not eating that mashed up green stuff in the jar anymore.

For my Grandma’s birthday my Mom had a picture of my Great Grandma framed.  Lexi was so interested in who it was, and Grandma was just as interested in telling her. 


Project #2: The Fish.  This year in Grand Haven each store in town decorated a huge fish and put it outside their store.  They lined the streets.  My dad purchased a minnow(a small DIY version) for the kids to decorate.  Some paint, stickers, hot glue, and feathers allowed for each kid to express themselves. 



The night wouldn’t be complete without a dance party and the annual viewing of “Christmas Vacation”. 



Other weekend highlights…did some black Friday shopping with my big girl and sis.


Cousin sleepovers…


The littlest cousins are forging a relationship.  Sof has realized Nat is here to stay, and may actually make a decent partner in crime someday.   DSCF3500DSCF3504

We are a game playing family.  My sister and I always win.  Let me assure you, the saying “cheaters never win”, is totally false!


All the cool people are wearing these…


The kids like to play games too, they just don’t need dice, cards, a table, or other people.  Just an adult willing to give up an iPhone.

DSCF3449 DSCF3531

Yes, the weekend was full of thanks and giving.  By Saturday our minds turn to the next holiday and decking the halls takes center stage.  Cue the Christmas music!

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