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Monday, June 18, 2012

Cottage Classic

This weekend was a classic cottage weekend.  The usual suspects were there, Brian and the kids, my sis and family, my sis’s in-laws, Lee and Harv, and Ellen.  P6154212   P6154215   P6154216


Notice the bump on Alexander’s head, the fat lip, and scabbed up knuckles?  The boy has a need for speed on his balance bike.  I feel this may be a common look for him!

    P6154224  P6154227

We love Friday night there.  The promise of the whole weekend ahead, reconnecting with friends and family, and getting our weekday sillies out.

Saturday was a 90 degree day which meant a FULL day on the lake.  It was perfect!  We tubed, knee boarded, and then landed on our friend’s beach for the afternoon.


  P6164234  P6164240

  P6164243  P6164264

  P6164260  P6164263



P6164276  P6164279

P6164285  P6164281


The biggest excitement on the beach was Karen and Ed’s 8 week old baby Lucy.  Everyone was in love with her!


 P6164247  P6164257



Sunday my parents came out and brought lunch, Natalie, and Grandma Jackie.  We celebrated Father’s Day with food, family, and more lake and boat time!

P6174311Sof is funny with Grandma Jackie.  First, they’re on a first name basis.  She only calls her Jackie!  Second, they have a routine.  Sof backs up to her legs and then Grandma pulls Sof up on her lap. It’s working for them!     


This girl was looking cute as a button and having great fun playing on the step.  That is until all the other kids walked out the door in their bathing suits.  Then she was just mad.  Really mad.  Sorry Bug, you’ll always be the baby. 

     P6174312  P6174315


I have no pictures from the water sports that day because Em and I stayed back at the house with Grandma, but I hear it was great fun!  The big news was that Adrienne added skiing to her repertoire of water sports.  She promised she would do it again so I can get a picture next time!  

We are now into our first full week of summer vacation and settling in.  More on that another day though:)  I’ll leave you with Nolan and Sof.  Everyone needs a big boy in their life to teach them how to hide behind the couch!


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