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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hello There Summer, Glad To See You Again

It’s official, summer is here!  No, we are not out of school yet.  We still have 2 more days, but we made our first trip to the cottage, which in our book makes it summer. 

We had a purpose for this trip.  A buddy of Mark’s from work, Josh, and his lovely family used our cottage for the week.  They have 3 kids, and one is adopted from Russia(Siberia to be exact:).  Josh was someone that eased Mark’s anxieties about adoption, so in a way I owe Sof to him!  They live in the Chicago area, so this was our chance to meet them in person.  We had a great time to say the least.   



Adrienne and her friend Sadie kneeboarding with an audience!

P6094087   P6094106

Sof settled into to lake living like an old pro.

P6094099    P6094108

Lexi used her mothering instinct to win this little sweetie over!

P6094103   P6084080

Adrienne and Sadie continue their obsession with gnomes.  Wierdos.


Guess we have to get used to the rigors of days on the lake!


Lexi and her buddy Savannah continue their obsession with Chocolate Chip muffins.  Now that one I can understand!



Sof was thrilled to discover that she can reach these pedals also!


The big girls with the two Russians.  Joey was quite the ladies man.  He won these girls over no problem!


It really was a great weekend, but reality hit this morning.  We needed to leave pretty early to get back.  My school was having a closing ceremony that I wanted to attend.  It was a great tribute to a great school.  There wasn’t a dry eye(and there were probably over 300 people there) in the place when our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders sang “For Good”.  What more can I say about that?

Twin Beach Closing Ceremony   Twin Beach Closing Ceremony.JPG2

So, before I can get back to lake living, I need to pack up my classroom to be moved to our new school.  Okay, shout out to my partner in crime who spent Saturday in our room packing about 60 boxes while I was soaking up the rays:)  Don’t worry, she’s well compensated, I let her work with me.  Hee hee.      

On another note, Grandma Jackie had a small stroke on Saturday:(  They called for an ambulance from her place, and my mom met her at the hospital.  She had quite a bit of numbness and confusion.  She seems to have bounced right back, and all her tests are coming back very positive.  It’s just a reminder that at 88 things like this happen, and can happen anytime.  We’re looking forward to going back next weekend and spending some time with her.

I guess all that’s left to say is…


Happy Summer!

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