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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

There’s nothing that gets me more motivated for family time than knowing school is starting.  Any unfulfilled fantasies of summer days spent all together get realized on Labor day weekend.  The big girls love it.  Not really, but if they have to spend an evening appeasing their mother, at least it’s at the ropes course.

Mark looks confused. 

IMG_8329IMG_8330  Em and Steve even joined us.  It was a four alarm family ropes course event! 


Even Natty could climb this year.  I could not have been more proud of her!  It took both Em and I(one in front and one in back) to get her through the course.  It was hard and scary for her.  BUT SHE DID IT!  And my heart exploded for this littlest of our crew. 


I mean…come on…Red heartRed heartRed heart


Livy, Lexi and Adrienne stuck together on the harder runs.


Kaitlyn wasn’t tall enough to join them, so she stayed with Mark and Sof.  Sof was a pro!  Having done it just a few weeks ago, she was very confident!


Kaitlyn has always been Mark’s little buddy, so it was actually perfect that they ended up together!

It was a super fun night.  It is by far my favorite family activity.  Everyone can do it, and it’s a good challenge!

Grandma Jackie did so well traveling in June that she came again for a day!  It has done wonders for her confidence, just knowing that she can get to our houses.  We actually used the day as a little celebration for Mark and my birthdays.  Better late than never!




Lexi made the dessert and scrounged up some candles.  Amazingly we had a 4 and a 6 for Mark, but alas, we didn’t have candles for my age.  Lexi solved that by saying I’m number one anyway.  Smart girl.



When grandma Jackie leaves you know it.  There’s whole line of hugs and kisses. 



There are some “have to’s” on this weekend.  I needed to make some playdoh for my class, so we made a set for Sof’s class too.


We had to do a big grocery store and Target run.


There was also time for some chillin’ too though.  New paints and canvases get all my kiddos excited.



Skyping with our littlest Sri Lankan loves was a highlight.  Nadasha read for us from a book I sent for them.  Jesi has been using the materials I sent to work with the little girls every day.  It makes me so happy.


All of that was fantastic, but there was no way could end the weekend without a pool trip.  After all, it is the farewell to summer right?


Ugh, I’m gonna miss this.

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