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Thursday, September 8, 2016

First Day of School

I sent two kids to high school this year.  One for her first day and one for her last first day.  What even the heck. 


Adrienne was pretty giddy about it.  (Until she came home with a crapload of homework)



Lexi was pretty cool about it.  She got to ride with Adrienne and she’s been in the school all summer for cheer so there was some comfort in that.  I’m actually really excited for Lex.  I think it’s going to be a great year.  For the record I said those shorts were too short for school.  Adrienne said it didn’t matter on the first day.  Lexi decided to take her chances.  She got a warning.  Mom was right(always).  


And then there was one.


My sweet baby girl!!  I tried to keep calm, but second grade??  It’s like kinda big!!


She was ready early and super excited.  She informed me she doesn’t need me to walk her to the bus stop anymore.  This will not be a thing.  I love my bus stop mama friends! 


Do all neighborhoods have this many crazy paparazzi parents?  It might have been me that yelled “get together kids and don’t even roll your eyes you too cool for school boys”. 



Girl posse.


Colin is like the bus stop mascot!


And then they were off!  Sof’s teacher is awesome and posts lots of pictures for us parents.  She speaks my love language.


Everyone was happy at days end.  The big girls came home with homework, but are happy with their classes.  Sof of course thinks second grade is the coolest.  Even I came home happy.  My class seems pretty good, although compared to last year there was no where to go but up.

Our first day of school was 95 degrees.  We debriefed, had some dinner, and went to the pool.  For an hour it seemed like we were back in our summer routine.     


Until this hot weather leaves us, we will be existing in both worlds.

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