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Thursday, February 23, 2012

It’s A Tough Life, But Someone Has To Live It


It’s been rough here, but we’re muddling through. 

 P2211952   P2211956


The hot tub is good for weary skier’s muscles.  Non skiers are happy to partake because the atmosphere is amazing.  One of these gals is too young for college, and one is too old.  They seem to be playing games as if they were at a frat party though.

    P2211960  P2211963

It hasn’t stopped snowing since we got here, quite a change from home!  In fact, they broke the record for most snowfall in a day with 28 inches!  Not only were we here, but we skied in it!  Pretty cool.

P2211943    P2211945

Sof has learned how to play hide and seek.  She’s a real tricky hider:)


We’ve had just the right balance of busy and active mixed with chillin’ and relaxing.


Yesterday everyone took the day off skiing, so we jumped on the shuttle and went downtown.

     P2221974  P2221971


There was a super cool store that sold cowboy boots-like real ones.  Adrienne wanted a sweet rhinestoned pair, but alas, $1600 wasn’t in the budget.  The ones Lexi wanted they didn’t have in her size.  So, we scored a pair of sequined Uggs for Adrienne considerably marked down!  They had a horse out front that everyone had to try!




Not sure why we bring the stroller.  Inevitably it becomes a bag holder and the person supposed to be sitting IN it always wants to PUSH it.  Don’t walk in front of her or you may lose an ankle.


We ended with a yummy Mexican lunch(if you’re counting that’s the 3rd time we’ve had Mexican, love it). 


It was naptime for Mark and Rick(Sof too), so we headed back.  The girls decided to try the hot springs.  We were deciding between that and tubing, but the hot springs is definitely something you could never do at home!  We ended up driving about an hour and 15 minutes to find it(mostly in the wrong direction), but it was totally worth it!  It was really amazing, and this morning Lexi said it was her favorite thing so far.  




So like I said, it’s been rough.  We’ll manage for a few more days though:)  Today we’re back to the slopes, even me!  I don’t think I can even come close to keeping up with my kids!  Should be interesting, wish me luck!

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  1. SO FUN!!!! I am not jealous though...I love it here...me and my kitchen wipes and 45 minute commute to work...who wants to sit on a fake horse anyway???