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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Droughts and Cyclones

I’ve been in a blogging drought.  Mostly because I’ve been in a picture taking drought.  I’m not a photographer so my pictures don’t really mean anything to other people.  They are not works of art, although the subjects are mostly seriously cute.  I consider my pictures a feeling not a look.  Kinda like I think Starbucks is a feeling not a taste.  When I have that cup in my hand(especially if it’s red) I’m just a calmer, nicer person.  I will admit one morning a few years ago I was in my classroom and it was chaos.  It was a frenzy of “I can’t get my boots off”, daily folders being thrown at me, and choruses of “I’m going home with Susie”, “Johnny kicked me on the bus” and “I forgot my lunchbox”.  If you’ve ever been in a Kindergarten classroom 5 minutes after the bell rang you know this scene.  If you haven’t you should visit one.  It will make you want to hug a teacher.  In the middle of this a child is saying my name over and over and over.  I say(loudly), “Stop saying my name I will help you in minute!”.  I hear another child say, “She hasn’t drank her coffee.”  Smart little thing.  I digress…I take pictures when I have a particular feeling I want to capture and remember and write about later.  Which leads me to the cyclone part.  I’ve been a bit of one at home.  If you ask my family they may, I’m not sure, but they may say I’m being generous in using such a harmless word.  If I was pregnant or adopting I’d say I’m nesting, but I’m not so I’ll call it new year cleaning.  I’ve had it up to HERE with stuff.  I want to purge every closet, drawer, and cupboard.  Hubby found out we got new dishes when he went to make a bowl of cereal for breakfast.  Surprise!  And this morning you could find biggest girl in the garage at 6am digging through the garbage to find her makeup.  Yep, I threw it out while I was cleaning her bathroom last night.  It felt empty to me, and anyways, I reserve the right to throw out anything you don’t keep put away neatly.  She said, “You can’t take my stuff”.  Ha ha ha ha ha…really, I’m laughing.  I reminded her I can take her whole life away because clearly she hasn’t read the fine print in the “Rules Of Being My Kid” contract.  The Lord may giveth, but I will so taketh away.  So, I haven’t had that, “Awwwww, grab the camera” feeling too much lately.  

It’s been warm.  Like teasing of spring warm.  I get sick of winter just like the next guy, but that’s after we’ve HAD a winter.  We have not had one big snowstorm to speak of.  I’d still like one, but I did enjoy a few runs outside this week.                      

Jen's Running Feet

Sof has been begging me to paint her nails.  It’s something we did a lot this summer and she asks all the time!

Sof Painted Nails

Lexi had her pancake supper at school.  Sof was all about the bake sale.  Girlfriend is a sugar monster.          

           Lexi Spaghetti Dinner        Sof Spaghetti Dinner

Speaking of schools…Adrienne goes to such a great middle school.  The staff is amazing and the kids attending the school are overwhelmingly good, bright, nice kids.  It’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of security.  Adrienne came home today and told me she went to the bathroom in the middle of class and witnessed a fight between 2 boys in the next grade.  One of the boys I know of, a tall, awkward, geeky type of kid who could never hurt a fly but will probably cure cancer someday.  The other I don’t know, but from what I can tell  he is the not too bright, bully sort of kid whose parents clearly don’t do their parenting job.  You can guess who ended up getting their nose broken.  I was disturbed by the whole thought to say the least.  Then Adrienne dropped a bombshell.  A friend of hers, a great kid, great family, made an anonymous twitter account and posted nasty comments about other kids at school.  I had to ask the name twice because I just couldn’t believe it.  It provided a good platform of discussion, and I’m thankful she got to learn the lesson without being the one to do it.  It just gave me a sick little feeling in my stomach.  This stuff happens in every school, in every community, and to all kinds of kids.  Adrienne is a great kid.  Sometimes I think of her as invincible to these things.  I’m not naïve, I know she’s not.  Good kids make bad choices all the time.  When I dropped her off at dance tonight I watched her just a little longer as she walked to the door, saying a little prayer that she will get through these years unscathed. 

The next few weeks we are back to our usually overflowing schedule and the house will go to the back burner again(where it should be).  The focus will shift back to parties, dance, and a vacation to Colorado.  The wind is subsiding and it’s about to start pouring.  We will dance in the rain and catch it on our tongues and laugh with joy, because after such a drought, our thirst insatiable.                     

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