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Monday, February 13, 2012

Love and Weekend

Valentine’s Day is a week long holiday at our house.  We started on Friday with a Valentine Tea for my class.  Lexi and Sof came because they love going to my school and my class loves seeing them!

P2101604     P2101603

I’d love to show you pics of my sweet students, but it’s not my place to put them out there.  Believe me though, they were oh so cute! 

Friday night Livy and Adrienne had a rehearsal for the dance show they were going to be in the next day.  It was the first time Livy was a part of the big girls dancing, and she had to go to the long rehearsals.  Grandma Linda was in town so she volunteered to watch the little girls while Em, Steve, Mark and I went out to dinner.  It worked out perfectly so we could pick the girls up at dance on our way home.  It was there that I had a “cutest moment ever” experience.  The younger dancers all worship the bigger company dancers.  Basically that makes Livy instantly cool to not only know, but be loved by Adrienne.  She didn’t get picked up with the other girls her age, she stayed an extra half hour so we could pick both girls up together.  She got to sit with Adrienne during notes time, and when we pulled up to the door she came out holding Adrienne’s hand with a smile ear to ear.  I love these girls and I love dance, so put those things together and I’m in heaven!  When they got home Livy said, “I’m starving!”.  Adrienne always eats after dance, so they went to town on some pickles:)




Be still my beating heart…when did my little Love get to be this big??

The show was on Saturday and and of course everyone came!  Not only was Livy dancing with the big girls, but Kaitlyn did her “Dudes and Diva’s” dance, and Adrienne had her first performance on pointe.  I was dying to sneak a pic of Adrienne on stage in her beautiful hot pink tutu and pointe shoes.  If you’ve ever seen Dance Mom’s though, you know you just don’t break the rules.  If they say no photography, you don’t take a picture unless you want your knees broken and your child emotionally abused for the next year-oh yeah, you keep paying them while their punishing you too!  Of course it was a great show and got me excited for more to come.  Spring is busy in the dance world!

P2111667     P2111675 

P2111654     P2111660

P2111646     P2111672

      P2111648               P2111650

P2111663   P2111668

After the show we went back to Em’s for some hang out time(because we just never see them-hee hee).  It was a great relaxing night with friends and family.  The kids played games and grown ups ate, drank, and chatted.  Baby Natalie graduated to big girl because she stayed up for the party!  All this time she’s been going to bed at 7:00 and she finally figured out what she’s missing.  We tried to put her bed, but girlfriend said, “oh no, not this time.  I’m joining the party!”

             P2111731     P2111695

  The girls played games.  So sweet to see the bigger girls helping Sof play.

              P2111685     P2111690


What’s a party without cupcakes?


The valentine theme snuck into our night in all sorts of ways.  The girls started making their Valentines for our big party the next day(to be discussed to the point of nausea in a Valentine post). 

P2111692They gave their Valentines to Grandma Linda, Papa Curt, and Grandma Jackie because unfortunately they couldn’t stay for the Valentine party(to be discussed to the point of nausea in a Valentine post-did I say that already?:)

     P2111718     P2111727


Then the girls opened their gifts from them.



           P2111716      P2111719

By the way, Anne and I were there too.


Mark and Steve snuggled on the couch with the Love pillow, ‘nuff said.


You’d think between Friday and Saturday we could call it a day and take Sunday off.  No way!  We’ve been doing a Valentine’s party for 8 years now and each year we make it better.  This year was definitely the best yet.  Tune in tomorrow to check it out!  

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