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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Potpourri Post-A Dash of Fun, A Sprinkle of Dance, and A Cup of Birthday

The Potty Update…Sof is doing great!  She is starting to ask to go on her own, and has had very few “accidents”.  The last one was Friday morning when she was standing in the pantry arguing with me over having a brownie for breakfast.  I said no, she looked at me and peed a river.  Not really an “accident”.  Girlfriend has a mean streak(like mother like daughter).  The night before that though we were in the middle of target and she said potty.  We bolted there, she held it, and actually pooped with no fanfare whatsoever!  So, I promptly went back to the isle where the paints were that she’d been begging me for.  I bought them and we went home to use them!   



She enjoyed it so much I went back later and bought a whole bunch more.  I like these paints because they clean up easy and I just throw them out when she’s done.  So, today when I needed her busy so I could do laundry, I whipped them out.  She went to town and I went in the laundry room.  When I peeked on her I found this…

   P3042267     P3042268

   P3042269     P3042270

She said, “Handparts”.  Code for handprints.  I considered this and decided oh well, it’s already done and went back to my laundry.  I peeked out a bit later and found this…

P3042272All done with the unsupervised painting.


There’s a rule that says, “Any week after a vacation shall be longer than any other week”.  By Friday we were so ready for a get together. I had to work all day so I didn’t have time to clean or plan food like I would normally.  What I’ve learned is that those things don’t matter.  I found some cheese that by rights should have gone in the garbage, an unopened box of crackers(score!), and some microwave sausages and we had instant appetizers!  Mark had bought lunch for his employees and brought home the left overs.  Dinner served!  I started thinking about 5:00 as soon as I took my lunch out of the fridge in the morning.  It turned out to be everything I hoped it would be:)

    P3022050    P3022052


  P3022062    P3022072



 P3022091 P3022069

 P3022141 P3022100

Now that you’re old enough Natalie, I need to tell you something.  You know when we get together at your house?  This is what we’re doing while you're in bed.


You mean not everyone goes to bed?  How could you?


Dad, Uncle Mark says you been partying without me while I’m in bed.  Is that true??



I got some snuggle time with my peanut.



Saturday morning brought a dance performance.  So good.  When it ended Sof said, “More dance?”. 




March 3, 2005 my first niece was born.  She gave me a whole new job in life.  I became an aunt.  I became Nenni.  I nicknamed her “Love” in the first hour she was here.  What a privilege to be that close to new life without having to birth it.  When she was 18mos old I said to her, “Where’s my love?”.  I wanted her to give me some hug and kisses.  Instead she said, “I wight here Nenni”!  Needless to say she had my heart from the beginning!  On Saturday she turned seven.  Really?  Seven?  Unbelievable.

P3032146Happy Birthday Love!

We have 3 other b-days in March also.  My Mom, Dad, and Lexi.  We celebrated them all Saturday. 

     P3032152  P3032156   

     P3032162  P3032170

Sof found the M&M dish and went after it like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter.



P3032167  P3032166


We must have been boring Adrienne because she got her homework out:)


My sweet Lexi turns 10 on the 18th. 


Do you know what 10 yr. olds want these days?


Kaitlyn’s b-day isn’t until April, but I gave her a gift anyway.  I gave Lexi and Livy the same bags and didn’t want Kaitlyn to feel left out.  So, early birthday for her!

P3032181  P3032196

Livy got a bike and Legos!

    P3032202 P3032198

My mom missed that day in kindergarten when you learn the lesson, “Worry about yourself”.  She’s busy telling my Dad what to do in every picture.


She must be telling him  to smile.  He got the message…


Finally, the birthday crew!


P3032204  P3032223

Cupcake time!



P3032241  P3032246


Adrienne helped Livy put together her Lego house, and the middle girls modeled their matching b-day outfits!

P3032252  P3032253

As often happens with late nights filled with treats and cousins, someone ends up crying…


That’s usually the sign that it’s time to wrap things up.  Celebrate March Birthdays-check!


Lexi Laugh of the Day:

Her: My cami’s are too small.  I need new ones.

Me: Okay, let me see what size they are-small, you must need a medium.

Her: Or a small and a half.

 P3042261   P3042262

Have a great week!

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  1. I LOVE the pic of you, Emily, Adrienne & Grandma! Definitely a framer!!