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Thursday, March 29, 2012


This week was crazy.  Like more crazy then our normal crazy. Going into it I really wasn’t sure if I could pull it all off.  I knew I was going to be underwater all week.  Guess what I learned?  I’m a fish.  I can breath underwater.  Everything got done, everyone was where they were supposed to be, and everyone had what they needed!  Ha, so there!  We even had some really great moments.

Adrienne had a choir concert.  Sof is into “reading”.  She even found Adrienne’s name in the program because she knows what Culley looks like.  Smart girl:)  

   P3272667   P3272668

Oh yeah, she’s into accessories too.

 P3272671   P3272672

Adrienne and I also went on an outing with her dance group.  One of the alumni from our studio is in the National Tour of “Memphis”.  They were playing about an hour away from our home.  In the afternoon 2 of the cast members came to the studio and conducted a class with our kids.  They taught them choreography from the show.  Then the kids had a dinner and got ready at the studio.  We all loaded on 2 tour busses and headed to the show.  It. Was. So. Amazing.  I can’t even put it into words.  Soooo good.  The last song in “Memphis” was our production number last year, so at the end the kids all jumped up and started doing their choreography and yelling and clapping.  It was so fun!  After the show we had a question/answer session with the cast.  So amazing for the kids to see someone they danced with on the big stage now!  We got home well after midnight on a school/work night, but I’d go back again tonight if I could!

Random, chior, Memphis, March 2012.JPG2    

Random, chior, Memphis, March 2012

Easter cards arrived in the mail today from the Grandparents.  Girlfriend knows what they are, and knows to look for money(that’s my girl!).  She is super excited for Easter!  She has figured out what holiday’s are.  She knows decorations and cards mean she’s probably getting presents and candy!  She has a long list for the Easter Bunny who in her eyes is on the same level as Santa.  We’ll see if he delivers:)

P3292680      P3292681



Tomorrow is our last day of school and we will have a whole week home for spring break.  A sweet reward for making it through a week like this.  If all goes well, my partner should be leaving to get her little guy from Korea, and I will be working fulltime after the break.  That, I’m not looking forward too, but when I think of her finally holding the sweet baby boy who’s pictures she’s stared at for a year, I think I may burst:)   

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