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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hello Happy

I’m not naïve. we live in Michigan and it could snow tomorrow, but today the sun is out and it’s warm.  So, I’m gonna choose to live in the happy part of my brain that says it’s spring. 


I had a beautiful run outside this morning.  Last week Rick reminded me he’s doing a St. Patrick’s Day 10k and I should join him.  No, I explained, I’m really struggling to just get 3 miles in lately.  I’m not running well.  Last night he brought me a Runner’s World magazine and even opened it to the “Run Your First 10k” article and left it on my counter.  He asked me again, I declined, he said, “Okay, maybe another time”.  Subject dropped…I thought.  The man has my competitive feathers ruffled.  Did I really say I couldn’t do it?  Is that true?  Can I really not run 6 miles?  So this morning it nagged me my whole run, and when I got to the end of my route I turned around and did it again.  So there’s the answer, not only can I do it, I can do more than it.  Now the question is, is just knowing it good enough? Or do I need to prove it in a race?  Jury’s out.

Things that are popular at our house lately…

P3092313      Painting…




This dance outfit…


She puts it on as soon as she gets home from school and wears it to bed.  When she’s wearing it she thinks she’s a rock star.  Girlfriend has some moves:)

Unfortunately the beloved dance outfit didn’t get pulled up all the way and ended up with pee on it.  It’s in the laundry basket, and I can assure you I’m in no hurry to wash it.  In the meantime she’s resorted to dressing up like DJ Russian Rapper.




P3092326 We have to watch where we walk now because this girl is no longer content to sit and play with the same 3 rattles.

Choo choo trains…


The toy kind and the imaginary made out of chairs kind…


Now is a good time to explain why the chairs are lined up.  Saturday morning Sof and I were up at 6:40.  We sat down at the table for coffee and breakfast and I remembered a project I started last year that requires nice weather.  I wanted to sand and re-varnish my table.  I went in the basement and got a sanding block.  When Mark stumbled out in the kitchen a couple hours later he said, “Alright, put the sander down. I’ll finish it”.  Works for me!



It helps if you have a father that can come over and supervise the project.  Someone has to tell you how you could do it better:)

I love this little diaper butt covered in a rose tutu…


I also love the competition for Emmy’s attention.


I REALLY love these shoes…


And I really REALLY love all of these little and not so little people…


We gathered at Ellen’s today to celebrate Alexander’s 2nd birthday.  It was so awesome for the kids to be able to play outside.  P3112383 






This is Alexander’s other Grandma.  Sof took to Jane immediately.  Jane is saying to Sof, “If your mother wasn’t here I’d be getting you another piece of cake.”  I kid you not.  They obviously have a connection:)

   P3112392  P3112402

I love this boy!  He makes his mama work…hard.  He makes it all worth it though.  He has such a personality you can’t help but laugh when you’re around him.  He’s all boy, but with drama.  He had a cute party hat, but when Ellen put it on him he looked at the crowd and said, “Help!” LOL!  Happy Birthday Alexander!!

P3112362  My phone tells me this weather is here to stay for the week.


I’m hanging on to happy:)

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