"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lion and Lamb

They say if March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb.  If it comes in like a lamb, it goes out like a lion.  I never find that to be quite true.  For me March seems to be a month of coexisting lambs and lions. 


We had sweet warm winds today contrasted by brown, dead grass and stark, bare trees.

  P3072277The weather is in a battle with itself.  The air is saying it’s time to welcome spring, the ground is saying it’s too early. 



March is a lamb month in kindergarten for sure.  It’s the best month to teach.  Something happens in the minds of our smallest students that makes everything come together.  Kindergarten teachers often say March is miracle month.  It is the time when teachers get to see the fruits of their labor ripen.  Still, as I enter my building each day a lion lays.  At the end of this year our school is closing.  It means all of us-teachers, families, students-will be scattered to other buildings.  It also means my ability to work part time is in jeopardy.  There are constant meetings, lounge talk, and speculations as to what will happen.  Is it on everyone’s mind all day, everyday.  If we are lucky we will know our placements by May.

P3072303My partner and I work everyday to try and secure our share time status.  Just when we feel we are getting somewhere, something knocks us back down. 

     P3072306     P3072307

We get back up because we are mommies.  We will fight for what’s best for our families.  We’re frustrated, but we KNOW it will work out.  It has too, there is no other option.


You see, a March lamb walked right into our classroom and said to my partner, “You may now go get your son.”  He is a beautiful, happy little Korean guy that has been waiting 18 months for his Mama and Daddy to be allowed to come for him.  His family has waited too long for his presence to fill their home.  In just a few short weeks they will be brought together.  It makes me well up to think of it, because I’ve been where they are, and now I’m on the other side.  It’s amazing and beautiful and I’m honored to be a spectator to their miracle. 

We are coming up on a special day ourselves-our first Gotcha day!  What a year it’s been.  Girlfriend is having her own March transitions.

P3072312 She came to us a year ago a little caterpillar.  We have cocooned her for a great time now.  It’s become clear though, that she is changing.  She is learning who she is.  What she likes, and what she doesn’t, and how to express that.  She doesn’t wear diapers and she’s proud of that.  She no longer wants to scribble with crayons, but she wants to hold a pencil and do “homework” like the big girls.  She is finding her confidence little by little, and I sense her being ready to spread her wings.

P3072302 What I know is I will try to accept March’s lions for what they are.  Majestic beasts imposing their presence and making me uncomfortable.  If I take a closer look though, I see there is a mysterious beauty about them, calling me to come closer.  For there is no risk in lying with lambs, and to eliminate risk from your life only guarantees you will never see beyond your own pasture. 

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