"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Ups and Downs of Sofie

 We had a typical day in the life of parents.  Some disappointments, some surprises, and some joys.  First I'll tell you about the disappointments/frustrations.  Everytime Sofia wakes up it's like starting over.  She mourns a little that we're still here(sorry babe, it wasn't a bad dream), and she gets really clingy(to me), and she takes forever to warm up.  Her distaste for Mark seems worse not better.  I think it's a combination of the fact that he's a male and not wanting to share me with anyone.  Hoping this gets better with time.  Tonight when we were doing bath she walked past him holding my hand.  Yep, that's what a good step looks like.  In the morning when I take my shower Mark feeds her her oatmeal and she tolerates it.  Baby steps...it's only been 2 days:)  On to better things!  We went down to the flea market/souvenier stands today.  It's a pretty good walk and Sofie was happy looking around.  Got your nesting doll Beth!  Then we went to a burger shop for lunch.  I gave Sofia a straw and she thought it was the greatest thing!  My mommy heart loved seeing her discover something new, and my teacher brain loved that she could put the straw in her sippy cup, fitting it perfectly without tipping or hitting the sides.  Good fine motor sweetpea! 
That took us to naptime.  Last night we bought some baby tea at a toy store in the mall.  It is common practice for the kids to drink tea here.  The can we bought is for 6 months and up!  So, before nap we mixed some up and she seemed so happy to have it!  Before nap and bed I sit with her and her warm drink and cuddle and read books.  That brings visions of cuddling your sweet baby with a bottle or sippy cup doesn't it?  It's a little more awkward with a coffe mug between us!  Don't worry, we really snuggle in when she finishes drinking!
For dinner we went to our favorite Sushi place that we never see kids at.  We decided we were going to take our chances and go for it.  Success!

Highlight of the day was skyping with all our family back home.  Everyone was there!  Grandmas, Grandpa, Aunts,  Uncle, Cousins, and Sisters!  I swear I could just leave Skype up all day as we go about our business!  Mark stayed out in the hallway so Sofie showed her talkative, delightful self!  She loves Skyping.  She gets excited to see herself on the screen and espescially loves to see kids!  I could be creating a monster.  I'm thinking maybe Mark should Skype us from the hallway to try to build a relationship!  Hmmmm...maybe tomorrow:)    


  1. Glad she likes getting out and about especially with you as her mom. This is what her life with the Culleys is. Enjoy Sofia

  2. I just LOVE her smile :) Lauren said you need a new picture on your home page!!

  3. Jen, she is just a doll. Praying things go better with daddy, as you said, baby steps and time! Glad to see you got out and about!