"Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what." ~Author Unknown

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Good Day

This afternoon Mark had to go and get Sofia's passport and the train tickets to Moscow.  Luckily both parents aren't required to go because it took him from 3:30-7:30!  Sofie and I had a great time hanging out in the room though!  Unfortunately, I have to be honest and say she totally perked up when Mark left.  She is terrified of him.  It's a bummer, but very common and not unexpected.  Tomorrow we will make sure all her pleasure comes from him(meaning food!).  She needs to see him as the giver of good things.  It will come in time I'm not worried.  In the mean time, her and I and her shoes are happy!  She LOVES her shoes...especially her twinkle toes!  The guadier the better!  She spent much of the afternoon lining them up, trying them on, and carrying them around.
Shoes and a cell phone, I told you she's my girl!

How beautiful is that face?

Mom!  Put the camera down and put this shoe on me!

After she ate some dinner I gave her bath.  I expected there to be tears with that.  It was not too bad, but she didn't like it.  We did it fast and she made it through fairly untraumatized.  She was so cuddly in her jammies!  We made some progress with her eating already.  I gave her a small handfull of snacks in a bowl about every hour(yeah, I know, I'm already off the schedule).  At first she would put literally every single one in her mouth at the same time.  By bed tonight she took her time and ate one at a time.  Now, it was dried fruit that looks similiar to styrofoam, so I don't think she liked it that well, but she still did good!  She drank a small glass of warmed milk and really enjoyed that.  By the way, she drinks from a sippy cup WITH the lid OFF!  She's a pro at cups and I don't know if she'll ever have the patience to go back to a sippy.  Mark came back while she was having her bedtime snack sitting on my lap.  She was already tired and not playful so it wasn't great timing.  She just stared at him and scowled.  If looks could kill he'd be a goner.  Oh well, little by little.  She already broadened her comfort zone today.  She was totally happy and playful in the room, so I walked down to the lobby to heat her dinner up and get a different bed for her.  Of course there was a man in the elevator and that threw her right off.  She was terrified again.  Once we returned to the room she was her happy self again.  But then she kept grabbing my hand and leading me to the door.  I would open the door and she'd look and start to whimper and I'd have to close it again.  At one point she even walked out into the hallway and checked it out.  Baby steps...Now she's sleeping soundly in her big girl bed.  Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!
All fresh and clean in her footy pajamas AND her Sketchers!

Eating her snack so carefully:)

Sleep tight sweet girl...


  1. Ahh so sweet! CAN'T wait to meet her!!!!

  2. She looks like she is a doll!! Sweet precious girl!! So glad to hear she is doing well today! Can't wait to hear how each day gets better and better! Wait until she gets home for her sisters to spoil her!! I am sure she will love every single minute of that!! :)

  3. I don't think I can check the blog anymore...these pictures are killing me! She is so beautiful and I can't wait for all of you to be home!

  4. Ah what joy. Glad she is doing better! When do you get to go to Moscow? How are you going, speed train, or overnight train?